Full Moon _ Virgo Mar 1 Celebrity Scope - JFM,18
Full moon of march 1 is in Virgo. Clean up job need focus. This full moon is opposite Neptune. Dreams and reality may go in opposite directions. You can draw on extra self-discipline, patience and determination to break bad habits and improve your life.Detox your body, mind and soul. Any drug habit may show messy outcome. You are vulnerable for scam. Stay away from bacteria, virus, mosquitos.

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Aries has Saturn, Pluto in career house now. Volatile career movements is possible. Career will be demanding. It may be rewarding too. Jupiter luck is moving in partner’s income. Partner’s may help in big way to resolve issues. ......... continue
Market -JFM 18
With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, bad debt will come out like anything. Just like Jupiter is exposing sexual encounters #Metoo . Bankers in India should own responsibility. Money should be used with care. Punjab national bank is one example. There will be many more in next few months. Surprising thing is nifty is still near all time high. Jupiter -Pluto sextile is big moment. To big planets are supporting world economy. World markets are pausing. With Saturn in Capricorn and the FED being a Capricorn institution, the prospect of furthering tightening is apt to continue for a while, maybe for close to two more years. continue

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