Full Moon _ Cancer Jan 2 Celebrity Scope - JFM,18
New moon due on January 2 , 2018 , in cancer , it is productive full moon....The largest Full Moon of 2018 —It is called SUPERMOON— this Cancer lunation packs an intensity like no other., This Full Moon will appear nearly 30 percent brighter than usual. Black Moon Lilith and Venus are close to the Sun. Pluto is also close to Sun and opposing Full moon. Hate may be at its peak. Female energy will be at its peak. It has support too. Mars, action , is supporting from emotiona

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Aries has Saturn, Pluto in career house now. Volatile career movements is possible. Career will be demanding. It may be rewarding too. Jupiter luck is moving in partner’s income. Partner’s may help in big way to resolve issues. ......... continue
Market -OND 17
Markets across the world is bleeding. Pluto is moving ahead now. Jupiter -Uranus are in opposition. Big unexpected is war like situation between North korea and USA. An announcement on who will lead the Federal Reserve in 2018 and beyond could come in the next few weeks. It is no surprise for people studying astrology.India’s Nifty index also recorded its all-time high on September 19, the prior week, but declined into last week’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition. China raced to its highest level since January 2016 three times between September 6 and 12, but that was 2-3 weeks ago. And Australia made a double bottom continue

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