Aries 2011 Horoscope
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2011 is a better year. It has fairly balance aspects. Almost every area in life will get its share. This year is good to revive your confidence, or change your outlook. All form of communication will get boost this year. It is good year to redefine your method and mean of communication, sales or transportation.

Changes at home and career will slowdown a bit. You may think more on education, publication, travel, or business. If you are working as travel agent, working as publisher, working at foreign place, doing business in import / export, or writing books, this is ideal year for you. You may write a book, publish a website, get admission in prestigious university, or may start new business. Buying a new car, mobile, TV, or electronic gadgets is also possible this year. Try to open business on internet and export-import. You may build partnership with foreign people. Expect a busy year ahead.

On relationship side, sibling, neighbor, teacher, guru, travel agent, publisher, foreign friends, or relatives are center point in transformation. Marriage partner and business partnership will be little cautious. In-laws may need care and help for some Arian. Teacher and spirituality guru could guide you to next level of spirituality.


Action time

Career, awards and social status 

Dec 7 to Jan 15

Social health or Friends

Jan 15 to Feb 23

Psychological Health or hidden agenda

Feb 23 to Apr 4

Self Outlook

Apr 4 to May 12

Earned Income or self worth

May 12 to June 22

Sibling or Communication

June 22 to Aug 3

Domestic Health or real estate

Aug 3 to Sep 19

Love and Creativity

Sep 19 to Nov 11

Work and Health

Nov 11 to Dec 31

Earned income may grow dramatically in second half of the year. Jupiter (luck) will bless this house of earned income. Expect to get stable income source. In first half change your outlook to match your modern thinking.

Relations are important in life. This year will evaluate how much value you give them. A new definition of relationship will emerge. Any weak patch may get punished. Main relationship change is centered on marriage partner, business partner, colleague, or enemies. Some of you may get married to little older partner. This year is good to establish business. Do expect slow and steady growth in business. If you were born within 1 to 19 th of April, this year may bring some lessons in relations. Aries born near 6 to 9 April will get the impact first and other Aries will be covered as year proceeds.

In past few years, you have been going through changes in home and career life. You would have seen some real ups and down. 2011 provides you some more opportunity to consolidate these changes. First opportunity will emerge in career in first half and then in domestic security in second half of 2011.

Letís go deeper in technical terms to understand the year better.

Aries sign has advantage of Jupiter (luck) and Uranus (unexpected turns) in own house. Starting January 22, 2011, Jupiter will be back in Aries, where he will remain throughout the first half of 2011. Both Jupiter and Uranus are in Aries from March to June. That makes you special this year.

Series of eclipse is moving towards Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which is more comfortable place for your sign. Gemini rules the 3rd house in the zodiac, so talking, listening, writing, emailing and all forms of communication become primary themes around the holidays. Three eclipses are due in this sign. . Seven eclipses (change drivers) are happening within December, 2010 to December, 2011. Five eclipses are in third or ninth house of intellectual wisdom, comfort and holidays. Eclipses are milestones and turning points for us. With Saturn moving in seventh house, this year may redefine your understanding of marriage or partnership.

More Details
  • Quarter Wise flow as 2011 proceeds
  • In first quarter, life will move fast for all signs. Last three quarters are not so hectic. June and December are two exceptions.

    Q-1 : Sibling and communication will get culmination. You will get new meaning in comfort. Expect a busy start of the year. A career matter will get kick off near January 4. This is very intense quarter of 2011. Luck is moving in your own sign. Expect some big ups and downs in social status.

    Q-2 : June is highly active month in 2011. Three eclipses are happening in June. Two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse will put it on hyperactive mood. Third and Ninth house are very prominent. Travel and education is core theme of these eclipses.

    Q-3: It starts will domestic initiative. Mars will join the party soon. A new domestic structural change is possible. Actions are in home, love, and work.

    Q-4: This is completely about travel, sibling, publication, writing book, and education. Set bigger targets in intellectual and spiritual wisdom.

    Communication trouble - Aries


    Self Outlook

    Mar-30 to Apr-23

    Love and work

    Aug-2 to Aug-26

    Travel and communication

    Nov-23 to Dec-13

  • Date of Birth based specific Impacts:
  • 9-22 : If you were born between 9 to 22 , this is year of culmination. Universe will deliver result of your hard work. People born near 22 will get the result first and born near 9 in later part of year. Culminations are more emotional. Main culminations are in travel, education, sibling, or neighbor.

    1-5 & 23 to 30 : If you were born within 1 to 5 and 23 to 30, this is year of initiation; you will drive the changes in universe. New job, new home, new career, or new city is expected this year. Initiations are not so emotional. Career, travel, education, home, and foreign opportunities which you would like to explore.

    17-22: Imagination, creativity, dreams are supporting you in social life, friends, creative projects. Work passionately to exploit it.

    24 to 29 : You have power of transformation with you. You may lend up in completely new career. This entire year is about changes. Jan Ė Feb may be tough, but last half of the year is extremely supportive.

    17- 25 : Expect support from power of Uranus. Itís very creative and out of box solutions.

    1 to 19 : This year brings you some relationship lessons. People born within 4 to 8 are more susceptible.

    4 to 23 : Expect intense hunger in travel, publication, and foreign settlement. Search for education and intellectual wisdom will be very prominent.

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