Cancer 2017 Horoscope

You have big year , 2017. Three key houses are occupied. Jupiter (in domestic matters), Uranus (in Career) and Pluto (in marriage). You have to play your card well. Result will come. Nothing is easy in life. It may come with some volatility. Let it be.

Jupiter, lord of luck, will be at domestic house in 2017. It is best time to add a property or two. If you are earning well, try to add. If some property is in stress, try to find win-2 solution of it. It may pass through tough negotiations. Alternatively, motherís health will be issue. If all well , spend time with mother, you will get best memories.

I suggest few dates to be cautious in motherís health or propertyĖ 30th March, 17th May and 28th September. Jupiter will make tough aspects with big planets. It is better to be cautious near these dates.

Mars energy will be high within 3st June and 20 July. It will be great time to explore productivity and gains. It is your birthday time too.

Saturn is hard task master and it is moving in work and health. It has been testing health of you or loved one. You may get tough boss or demanding company. You may get additional responsibility which demand extra efforts. If someone is sick in family, spare time for his/her care. Saturn demands specific learning. Donít be rigid. Take care of your diet, nutrition and physical health. Health is wealth. There is no greater happiness than wellness.

Now letís discuss eclipses of 2017. Two eclipses are happening in earned income Ė 11 Feb (Leo-Lunar) and 21 Aug (Leo- Solar). This is financial house. Money is earning. You work hard to get it. A new beginning may happen soon. You may change employer or work profile. It may be an end. Observe it. One big amount or Insurance pay out may happen. Another eclipse is new beginning on 21st Aug. Keep your finances planned. Two eclipses in same area may realign your financial need or priorities. Keep a good economist near you. Sometimes small piece of information may give you big earning.

Solar eclipse of 26th Feb is about travel or in-laws (in Pisces). If you want to grow in intellectual world, 2017 is eclipse that will help. Your hunger for education will be fulfilled. Spend more time with good guru, book, or website. You may get new insight of our existence. It will give you more peace. If you have plan to go on holiday, this is best time to plan. Pack your beg and go out to explore world.

Lunar eclipse of 7th August is about loan, taxes, or bank commitment (in Aquarius). It is slight tough lunar eclipse. Impulsive, Hazy, and transformative. This is fixed sign. Be flexible in attitude. Some big deal may come to an end. You may get your long overdue back. It may be insurance amount or property deal. A loan may help you to fulfil financial dreams.

People born within 3-12 July will see culmination in activities in 2017. People born with 18 to 28 will see new beginning.

Neptune will be in travel, teacher or in-laws (especially people born within 28 June Ė 7 July) . Be clear in vision. Post your pics at foreign locations at Facebook. Explore social media to explore your reach.

Pluto will transform marriage and partnership area for some Cancer (especially people born between 8 to 12 July) . It will be upside down or opposite. In this financial year for Cancer, partnership will be new learning. If some partnership involves money matters, you have to be extra careful in 2017. 2017 mantra should be keep money away from relationships.

Saturn will impact people born at end of Cancer spectrum (Especially people born between 12 to 20 July). Be cautious in work and health. Donít press hard , if things are not going well. Wait and have patience.

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