Capricorn 2017 Horoscope

Saturn, your ruler, is moving in mental peace. Many things are going on in your mind. Capricorn is flexible sign. You are helpful and kind. You may work on confidential project, Or away from regular society. It may be for study, exploration, mental peace or planning.

Saturn will impact people born at end of Sagittarius spectrum in 2017 (Especially people born between 12 to 20 January).It is hard task master. Be cautiously optimistic. In end 2017, it will go out. Lucky Jupiter is in trine to it. So career will be good. You may do well.

Career is so well placed in 2017. You will shine. Efforts and hard work kept will be rewarded. Jupiter is visiting in career chart after twelve years. You are about to make career breakthrough. Stay focused.

I suggest few dates to be cautious in career chart– 30th March, 17th May and 28th September. Jupiter will make tough aspects with big planets. It is better to be cautious near these dates. Parents will be angry or won’t support your efforts.

Now let’s discuss eclipses of 2017. Two eclipses are happening in eights house – 11 Feb (Leo-Lunar) and 21 Aug (Leo- Solar). This is your travel or in-laws house. First lunar eclipse is culmination of partner’s income or unexpected events. Sudden gains are possible. A property matter may go in your favour.

With eclipse in eight house, and Jupiter in tenth house, sky is limit. Explore anything.

Another eclipse is new beginning on 21st Aug. This is new beginning in property matters. Apply for loan or insurance. Think big and take risk. This new moon is helpful in achieving big. Partner’s income will grow.

Solar eclipse of 26th Feb is about sibling issues (in Pisces). This eclipse is about new change in skill development. Make yourself more productive. Sibling may need help. Plan a holiday near this date.

Lunar eclipse of 7th August is about earned income (in Aquarius). It is slight tough lunar eclipse. Impulsive, Hazy, and transformative. This is fixed sign. You may struggle to improve earned income. Grow big. New job offer may come. Increase job income.

People born within 3-12 January will see culmination in activities in 2017. People born with 18 to 28 will see new beginning.

Neptune will be in sibling matter (especially people born within 28 December– 7 January). Be clear in vision. Keep working yourself productive. Even if you have slippage in time management. You need to grow. Develop new connects.

Pluto will transform your outlook for some Capricorn (especially people born between 8 to 12 December) . It will be upside down or opposite. Capricorn are so passionate about their outlook or weight. Pluto will increase the same.

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