Author Topic: Full Moon - Aries- Oct 5  (Read 68439 times)


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Full Moon - Aries- Oct 5
« on: October 01, 2017, 07:31:38 AM »
Full moon is happening in Aries on October 5. Many planets are in t square. Saturn -Neptune are being touched by Venus -Mars. Some depression is possible. Jupiter -Uranus are making opposition too. Big bang reforms or decisions possible.

Pluto will make great angle with Mars -Venus conjunction in Virgo. Passion will grow to have concrete result.

Hold decision till October 11 , if possible. Astrology is science of timing.

Back to full moon, Mercury in Libra is conjunct the Sun, opposing the full Moon. We’ll all be thinking, living and feeling the Me/We access.

Sun in Venus-ruled Libra
Moon in Mars-ruled Aries
Mercury in Venus-ruled Libra

Fight will be me vs we. Expect a productive timing. Culmination is possible for people born near date 5 of any month.

Aries - Perception and Outlook
Taurus - Mental peace , Constraints
Gemini - Social circle , friends
Cancer - Social status , Career
Leo - Travel , In -laws, education
Virgo - Partner’s income , loan
Libra - Marriage and relations
Scorpio - Job and health
Sagittarius - Love and creativity
Capricorn - Home and mother
Aquarius -Sibling and contract
Pisces - Earned income

Mercury is very prominent near this full moon. Signatures near this full moon and meaning

Moon Opp Mercury - Panic Communication
Sun Quincux neptune - Hazy vision
Sun, Moon Square Pluto - Ego in Passion
Venus , Mars Squ Saturn - Depression
Mars, Venus trine Pluto - Passion with action
Jupiter opps Uranus - Big transformation