GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: May 2018 Horoscope

Expenses may be high for you. With eighth house full of planets like Saturn (insecurity), Pluto (passion) and Mars (action) in sex and loan life, you may be tempt to fight emotional or financial issue. Unexpected events may be possible. Some draining may happen. Only after May 16, you can feel some respite as Mars will be out of Capricorn.

After May 16, Legal issues may rise. You may go for higher education. In-laws may be demanding. Focus will come to pending educational work. Learn deeply.

Meantime, New moon in Taurus is on May 15. New beginning is possible for mental peace and hidden truth. This house of planning and hidden friends will soon get boost by Uranus (Starting May 15). Next seven years will have intense mental activity. You will be thinking in different direction. Innovation and creativity will be high. People would love to take your ideas. Work on some project which is close to your heart.

This new moon is opposite to Jupiter. Some big opposition may come from work and health issues. Jupiter and Neptune are in good sync. Pluto is supporting this new moon too. A new beginning is possible in long run. Take back seat from social events.

If you were born near June 15 , +/- 5 days, this new moon is close.

Full moon is due in Sagittarius on May 29. This full moon is in marriage and relationship chart. Try to resolve marriage issues. If single , you will find someone to marry. IF married, try to enforce long term commitment.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving to work life. Fix your health weakness.

Saturn and Pluto are helping you to drive financial re-engineering and emotional strength. Deep transformation may occur in your behaviour and habit.

Uranus is in social house of friends (till May 2018). Friends may behave erratically or their life may be little unplanned. It may give you a piece of knowledge that is different.

Neptune is in career house. Career may be an illusion. Vision won’t be that clear as you want. Pushing too hard won’t take you anywhere. Just wait for right moments. Creativity and empathy would take you to next level.

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