GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: July 2019 Horoscope

Key houses have Jupiter in marriage and Neptune in career. Both are in square. Though career has much more support from other planets. So try slowly to consolidate career position. It is possible somehow marriage and social status may conflict a bit. This is long term and will be here till 21st September.

Eclipse season is here. It is wind of changes. Direction of your sail may change.It is in money and self worth. Money inflow and outflow speed or direction may change. It is time to review this critical point. We all need financial freedom but the cost of it should be calculated well.

First eclipse is on July 2. It is time to new beginning in earned income house. See how important money is for you. New source of income should come up. You are a born communicator. Use this skill to convert to money.

If you were born near June 2 +/- 5 days, this eclipse will be close to you.

Second eclipse of July 17 is tight one. It is lunar eclipse and full of aspects. Pluto and Saturn are nearby in Capricorn. Sun and Venus are opposite. Neptune is supporting this eclipse. So it is heavy on responsibility. Lack of sleep or food possible. If you were born near June 17, this eclipse will be direct to you. It is in partner’s income. Loan, sex or other financial commitments woudl be in your mind. Calculate how much money you need and how much health you want to give to gain it. It is trade off. Nothing is free in this world.

Meantime, Mars will be in Leo from July 7 to August 1. It will be time to plug leakage of time. Repair your car, develop skills, and fix your mobile. Mercury will go retrograde from July 7 to July 31. It will be time to reduce communication mess. Recheck information. Delay in train timing or meeting possible. Don't rush.

Let's discuss long term aspects for Gemini. Jupiter is moving in marriage and relationships till year end. Relationship situation should improve. Saturn and Pluto are in sex and partner’s income. It is draining money or emotions.. It is testing time in emotional trauma for many Gemini, Neptune is in Pisces which is good for career and social status . Uranus is in moving in Taurus so erratic mental thoughts. It is mind which wants to come out with new ideas daily. It will be hard for you to stick to one idea.

Ceres- 0-1 deg sagittarius - Travel and healing

Lilith - 6-9 deg Pisces.. - social status

Chiron - 5 deg - Aries - friends

Eris - 24 deg Aries - friends

Sedna - 27 deg Taurus -peace

Juno -18 Deg Leo -Sibling and time

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