GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: January 2019 Horoscope

January is a big active month. Events may unfold in fast track. Mars and Uranus are in friend zone. Social life will add action. You will get invitations and feedbacks from friends in next 40 days.

Gemini have powerful solar eclipse in partner’ income, loan or sex area. January 5 eclipse has Saturn in conjunction. New moon brings new initiative. Stuck money get some direction. It is time to take control of risky assets or liabilities. Know your emotional spectrum. It is time know your weakness in managing emotions, sex, assets or liabilities. Keep some emotional buffer ready.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are squaring in sky. For Gemini, it is in relationships and career. You may evaluate your marriage needs or career needs. Both are in conflict now. If relationship is not working, it is time to exit.

Lunar eclipse of January 21 is in 0 deg Leo. This eclipse has shocking element of Uranus. Some truth may come out which may not be that pleasant about travel, time management, or in-laws. It is on cusp so it will have different effect on different Gemini. Like, Gemini borned near May 20 may see culmination in sibling or travel. Law may come in between you or goal. Expand spiritual journey.

If you were borned near June 20, this lunar eclipse is about money and social life. You may get prone of expenses on social events.

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