GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: March 2018 Horoscope

March is key month for you. Full moon and new moon are in home and career house. Realign your career and home needs.

Full moon in on March 1 in Virgo. Some Gemini keep home so well planned and neat. This full moon is take care of mother. Love your home. Neptune is opposing this full moon. Check if there is no water leakage at home. Protect home infection. Clean home. Use less drug and alcohol. Take care of motherís health

If you were born near June 1, this full moon will be important.

Jupiter will go in retrograde on March 8 in Scorpio. Job and health may fluctuate. Keep it up.

On March 17, Mars will move to Capricorn. Mars feels better (exalts) in Capricorn. With Saturn and Pluto are in house of partnerís income, Mars will add more fire. Stuck money will be tough to extract. Banker or taxman will demand more money.

On March 17, New moon is due in Pisces. It is social status will shine. Middle of month will demand new social attention. Jupiter is supporting this new moon and Uranus is also tentative. People will get impress with you. Interaction with top management will help you grow. Keep pressure on growth. Extract more from life.

If you were born near June 17, this new moon will help.

On March 31, Full moon is due in Libra, It is love and creative chart. This is tough full moon. Mars (action), Mercury (Communication) and Saturn (restrictions) are tough on it. Heart is precious. Take care of it. A child, love interest or creative project may hurt you. Any possessive love may tear you apart.

If you were born near May 31, this full moon will be close to you.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving to work life. Fix your health weakness.

Saturn and Pluto are helping you to drive financial re-engineering and emotional strength. Deep transformation may occur in your behaviour and habit.

Uranus is in social house of friends (till May 2018). Friends may behave erratically or their life may be little unplanned. It may give you a piece of knowledge that is different.

Neptune is in career house. Career may be an illusion. Vision wonít be that clear as you want. Pushing too hard wonít take you anywhere. Just wait for right moments. Creativity and empathy would take you to next level.

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