GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: June 2020 Horoscope

June is birthday month for Gemini. This year it is important and big month. Eclipses are there on June 5 and June 21. Virus has taken over whole world. It is tough time for all of us, Capricorn focus is there too much. Fear is too much in system. It seems gravity was in Capricorn last degrees and it has twisted entire consciousness. All three big planets - Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. If you were born near June 19 , this focus is in expenses. If you were born near May 22, this pressure is on travel and legal matters. Best date is June 30, on that day Jupiter and Pluto will be at same point.

Mercury will go in retrograde on June 18 and Neptune on June 23. Mercury will go retrograde on June 18 to July 12. Know your plans well. Review them well. Neptune will go retrograde from June 22 (20 Deg Pisces) to November 28 (18 Deg Pisces). It is time to cut off the illusion from the past.Know your career well. Review your career needs. In current recession , it is very important.

Lunar eclipse of June 5 is in marriage and relations .It is time ro review commitment needs. Emotions and impulsiveness would be high. So keep nerve in control. Weak link may want to go away. A business partner will be too demanding. Pressure will come from career and business. Social status will come to a point. Gemini are very flexible. They dont keep so much pressure on outdated relation. If you were born near June 5, this eclipse will be close to you.

Solar eclipse of June 21 is new beginning. It will act differently for people born near May 20 and June 20. . For peoplle born near May 22, this eclipse is earned income. A forced pressure may come to give out more money. Saturn , Jupiter, and Pluto are not happy with this eclipse so it will be intense pressure to give out your income. If you were born near June 20, this eclipse will be too important life point. It will require some big changes and adjustments.

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