Celebrity Astrology - Jan to Mar 2018

Aries : Aries has Saturn, Pluto in career house now. Volatile career movements is possible. Career will be demanding. It may be rewarding too. Jupiter luck is moving in partner’s income. Partner’s may help in big way to resolve issues.

#Aries impressive come back

Akshaye Khanna (Mar 28)

Parvathy (Apr 7) - quarib quarib single

Kapil Sharma (Apr 2) --- firangi

Ajay Devgan (Apr 2)

Taurus : Jupiter , luck is supporting you in relationships. Many Taurus are doing well. Taurus is known for long term commitment and relationships. Many single Taurus will get married. Anushka Sharma had married to her opposite Virat Kohli (Scorpio). Rohit Sharma did well as Indian cricket team captain.

Gemini : Some Gemini are struggling in corruption charges. Lalu yadav is one example. Rahul Gandhi is reviving in Indian politics after having tough time. Saturn is out from relationship charts, Relations will be better going forward.

Cancer : There are too many planets in opposite Capricorn. New year will start with a Supermoon in Cancer. Emotional mess is expected. Female energy will be very high.Focus intensely on love and marriage in this quarter.

Leo : Many Leos are doing well Now. Rupani (August 2) has become Gujarat chief minister again. Focus will be high on mother or home. Do well in protecting these two. Eclipse are due in Leo and Aquarius in March. Changes will be intense.

#Leo on winning side

Mirabai Chanu (aug 8 ) - gold

Vatsal Seth (aug 5) - marriage to Ishita

Meghan markle (aug 4)- marriage to harry

Virgo : Virgo are hard working and practical person. Change in stars will test your love life now and will support sibling, contracts and gadgets. Many new Virgos are doing well in iNdia.

#Virgo Impressed with rising stars Meher Vij (Sep 22) -Secret Superstar

Rajkummar Rao (aug 31) - Newton/ SMJA

Shyam Rangeela (Aug 30) -modi mimicry

Ishita Dutta (aug 26) - Firangi

Libra : Jupiter is out of Libra. Now earned income will go well. You will have stable income. Domestic situation may be demanding.

Scorpio: Scorpio is most focussed sign now. Jupiter and Mars are in your sign. You will do good. Some Scorpio already felt impact. Sibling may be stressed area. Career and home will change for better. Virak kohli marriage was marriage of the year in India.

#scorpio just in 2 days #no crime done #justice

A raja (oct 29)

Ashok chavan (oct 28)........

Sagittarius : Saturn is out of Sagittarius. Pressure will be on earned income now. You need a fund. In-;aws and sibling may be changing now.

Rise of 2 #sagittarius in Tamil nadu politics

Rajnikanth (dec 12)

Ttv dhinakaran (dec 13) ....

Capricorn : New begining is coming for Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are there. Be clear about your direction. Passion is with you. Friends may help. Social life will be great.

Aquarius : Eclipses are happening in Leo-Aquarius combo. Changes are blowing.

Pisces: Neptune is direct now. So expect better your vision. travel will be good tonic. Social life may need attention.

Shashi kapoor (mar 18) - #RIP ...mere pass ma hain... Ali saleh (mar 21) - killed yeman Weinstein (mar 19) - sexual harassment Piyush sachdev (mar 12) - rape charge

Good reasons

Aamir Khan (mar 14) - secret superstar Rohit Shetty (mar 14) - Golmaal Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Feb 24) - Padmavat

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