2008-2009 money markets Review:

Last two years were full of volatility. Stock markets across the world showed depressive curves. Charts showed almost same patterns of V shaped recovery (Time period - 2008 & 2009). Period within July 08 to May 09 was negative for almost all markets. Curde also showed same pattern. It increased to $145/bbl (14-July 2008) and then came down to $34 (17-Feb -09). Gold was exception touching all time high on 2nd December 2009.

Let's see what happened differently in that period. Saturn and Uranus were exactly opposite in the sky on US election day, November 4 2008. The opposition repeats at later degrees of Virgo/Pisces on February 5 and September 15 2009, and on April 26 and July 26 2010.This happens every 45.4 years, and the last time was 1965-67 and before that, 1918-1920.

Saturn represents the tough, conservative Big Daddy, while Uranus represents the wild, unconventional Boy. Saturn was in hard working Virgo sign and changed working methods of most of the workers. Many people lost their jobs (as shown in chart 2).

On positive side, we saw many breakthrugh innovations. Additionally, Jupiter and Neptune conjunction bought vision and hope in system. Starting May 2009 to December 2010, these two planets where in optimistic Aquarius. We have also seen all around hope in global system.

Real estate market is another area to discuss. Eclipses happening in Cancer (mother, home) and Capricorn might have been driving these changes. Any bubble is intollerable and can be punished very hard.

2010 money market forecast:
What about 2010 ? and How can be gain in 2010 ? , If we see overall picture, 2010 seems to be mix year. Middle of year is quite negative. Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn will make tough harse aspects. Debts, taxes, liabilities, and loans may be few keywords at middle of the year. Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces signs should invest in long terms. Aquarius and Leo may get some help from tight environment. Plan your major investments in first and last quarter of 2010. Middle of the year may be quite bearish.

Fear and panic may revert as Saturn will return back to Virgo for time being. If you were born near 17 to 25th of any month, better to be safe insted of taking big risks.

Real estate's actual realization will continue. There are some more bubbles to be busted. Gold chart is signifying the underlyig fear in market.

Mars is in Leo (showmanship) until middle of the year. People may tends to be bullish until June 2010 and risk taking ability will be high.

Invest in long term, innovative products, insurances, or Pisces ruled area.


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