Astrology is knowing self and living with cosmic energy. In Physics, we see big objects to know speed of nearby objects. So it is better to know energy of people born near you to guess cosmic mood. Natal sun is very powerful. Follow the shifts , good or bad of your zodiac cousins. People born +/- 4 days of your births could be good reference points. 

Astro News

Name Zodiac Date Of birth News Signature Type News time
Rashami Desai Aquarius Feb-13

Rashami Desai finds love again in actor Arhaan Khan

Full Moon Good 2 months ago
Syed Akbaruddin Taurus Apr-27

Defend India in UN .. on kashmir 

Uranus Good 2 months ago
Zakir Naik Libra Oct-18

Islamic scholar... May be deported..

Bad 2 months ago
V. B. Chandrasekhar Leo Aug-21

Did suicide.. Indian former player

Bad 2 months ago
Vidya Sinha Scorpio Nov-15

Indian Actress - Died.. 

Full Moon Bad 2 months ago
Shah Faesal Taurus May-17

Kashmiri Leader .. Detained at home

Full Moon News 2 months ago

Staurn Pluto conjunction

Submitted by admin on Tue, 10/15/2019 - 06:24

Both planets conjunction dates are

  •   6 April 2019 - 28 May 2019
  •   7 December 2019 - 10 Feb 2020
  •   10 September 2020 - 13 October 2020.


Saturn rules discipline.. Pluto Rules passion. people born near 13th of any month  will get maximum impact. People may play victim card.. Obsession to power hunger may be tough now. There is intense power game possible. If anyone near this birthday is struggling , pls help them.

New Moon October 27 - 2019 (Scorpio)

Submitted by admin on Sat, 10/12/2019 - 11:46

Uranus is extremely powerful may result in shock, encounter..It will make people erratic, impulsive, impatient and crazy.  It is also good time to think deeply about find creative solution. Independence is the key. New moon are less in emotions. If you were born neat 27th of any month , this new moon would impact you more..