Are we love obsess ??

Submitted by admin on Sun, 02/16/2020 - 13:27

All emotions are playing in extreme. We are loving too much, hating too much. Feeling exausted and tired. IN cave era, we were more happy. We have less choices. We were more satisfied. Now in era of over-trigger or over-race. Over trigger means more productivity. More race to fill time ahead. More goals and more expectations to get more from people and things. 

Are we designed for it ? Are we on verge of collapse ? No one know its impact on our conciousness. Though we have adopted the culture of changes with ease, but now changes are happening at very fast speed. 

Need to relax and think is being ignored. People are mentally sick still running in race. They are falling in depression. We are angry people now, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. People around me are racing to get more love, care, work, output, or joy in less time. They forget that peace and stillness is ultimate objective.  Everyone wants a perfect world. Imperfection is being punished hard. Society is not kind to Fatty, handicapped, lonely, obess, sick, old, and most important to mentally sick. Failure is bad. 

We are obsess with emotions now. Love hard, angry hard, pleasure hard, attention hard.. In this race we are getting trigger hard. Spikes in conciousness makes us hard to relax. Thats why so stressed people around us. Any emotion is good in intial stage like flirting. Then its peak comes and then sex and then porn. At that stage of emotion or hunger fails to create impact. Our interest dies. 

Love gently, anger slowly, enjoy fun in slow moving things like nature, connect softly. Any addiction is bad. There is no end of this race. Any emotion in addiction stage is bad.