Aries - 2021 Horoscope

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2020 has been a tough year for everyone. It changed our prospective towards life. Nature is so important. Cororna took over the world and we human has been feeling helpless. This energy will continue till year end 2020 with gradual degradation. Humanity has been changed forever.

Saturn (fear) ,Pluto (death), and Jupiter(big) have been near about whole year in 2020. People were scared ,restricted and helpless. For Aries, it has been about career momentum. It may be upward for some and downward for few. In career matters, it has been a distinct year in life. For the remaining months of 2020, we have Mars in Aries. It is about adjusting with new social level. Constraints or opportunities may come with moments of anger or impatient. Take care of father’s health and it is very important.

One significant aspect of 2020 was emptiness of most sky around us. At start of 2020 we had planets just between Capricorn and Taurus. That made the Capricorn so valuable in 2020. Slowly planets started distributing across the other signs and some balance came in chart.

Astrology is all about timing. It helps in investing right energy at right place. It is about knowing self. And act in relevant area where there is a opening. Beating closed door never helps. Time changes , problem changes, and people the gravity moves around us. Observe and act cautiously. Astrology is science to live mindfully.

2021 seems to be different world. Focus will shift to friendly house of Aquarius /Gemini and Sagittarius. If I go by birthday specific , people born with April 4 to April 12 will have new beginnings. While birthdays within 19 March to 28 March will have closings /culminations. Result of past karma and efforts will be delivered. Let’s discuss focus area of 2021 in detail based on their priority.

Travel , Education, Gadgets, skills – Intense Changes

In next one year to so five eclipses are due in house of time and communication. It is about how we use our time. Are we productive enough in terms of time management, skill development and educational matters. It is time to open your mind, supress your ego and learn new things.  Develop potential outside your comfort zone. Some Aries may go out to explore work or  world. Some may tilt towards spirituality.  Big picture, religious matters , distant relative, higher education, or freedom or adventure will be at centre of discussion and action. Plan foreign  travel , explore their culture, or know new subject. It is time to broaden your horizon.

It takes lot of conscious efforts to learn new things. Key milestone dates are given below. If you have to make annual plan or goal ,keep these in mind. Start a new blog ,new website, or explore new book. Mars will be in Gemini to boost this from March 4 to April 23. So make your holiday plan during that time range.

  • Nov 30, 2020 - Lunar eclipse - Gemini
  • Dec 14, 2020- Solar eclipse – Sagittarius
  • Mar 4 to Apr 23 - Mars in Gemini
  • May-26, 2021 lunar eclipse -Sagittarius
  • June 10,2021,Solar Eclipse -Gemini
  • Dec 4,2021, Solar eclipse - Sagittarius


Friends/ Social life , love, child – Cautiously Optimistic :  

Both Saturn (caution) and Jupiter (giver) are in Aquarius for almost most of the 2021. Most of the year Saturn and Uranus are in square. World may see big recession in 2021. Uranus is in asset oriented sign  of Taurus.

Friends are base. We need them to  our feelings or pain. Every six months in 2021, Aries  has an intense test of social worth or values. A friend may need money. Spending on social affair may be cause of concern. You may be forced to live away from usual society. Aries are lucky that this tough aspect in friendly house. Employer may ask you to work in different teams. These are few possibilities I could foresee. Heart matters may need some constraint. Child education may need huge investment.

  • Jan 17- Jupiter square Uranus
  • Jan 28-Full Moon – Leo
  • Feb 11- New moon in Aquarius
  • Feb 17- Saturn square Uranus
  • Jun 11- July 29 – Mars in Leo
  • Jun-14- Saturn square Uranus
  • July 1 to 4  - Mats t square with Uranus Saturn.
  • Jul 24 – Full Moon
  • Aug 08-New Moon
  • Dec-24- Saturn square Uranus


Money, Assets and Liabilities -Unusual pressure

Gravity will be high in social area in firt half of the 2021. It may bring expenses. You may be organising parties or social events. It requires expenses. If you have change employment away from home., new society may need investment. 2021 seems to be recession year. Aries and Libra are two signs which may face money issues. It is time to rearrange and realign your assets and liabilities.

A lunar eclipse is due on November 19, 2021 in earned income house. It will impact people born near April 19 in assets and liabilities. A sudden forced realignment is possible.

  • Jan 6 to Mar 4- Mars in Taurus
  • Jan 17- Jupiter square Uranus
  • Feb 17- Saturn square Uranus
  • Apr 27- Full moon
  • May 11- New Moon
  • Jun-14- Saturn square Uranus
  • July 1 to 4  - Mats t square with Uranus Saturn.
  • 4 Nov – New Moon
  • 19 Nov – Lunar Eclipse
  • Dec-24- Saturn square Uranus


Wellness – Work and Thoughts –

Neptune is moving in Pisces near 20 Degree. Jupiter will enter in Pisces from May 13 to July 28. It will go till 2 degree. It should bring some good news for Aries  born near March 20. In wellness. It will be time to relax. Sharpen your vision. Some Aries may work to get new level of achievement. Confidential projects may help you to break constraints. You need peace. It comes from knowing self. 2022 is right time to search peace. Jupiter will bring happiness in this area. Neptune is making this part little slippery. Cleansing of thoughts us hell of work.

Mars will add to the physical health area from July 29 to September 15. That will be time to stretch the body.

  • Feb 27 -Full Moon
  • Mar 13- New Moon
  • May 13 to July 28 – Jupiter in thoughts
  • Jul 29 to September 15- Mars in physical health
  • Sep 6-New moon
  • Sep 21- Full Moon

Career , Home and Parents – Slight stable

Pluto is moving in this house. Pluto is known for transformation. This house is under tremendous pressure recently. Now situation will change. Pluto is slow mover. It will move from 22 Deg to around 26 Deg in 2020.It will transform career of people born within April 14 to April 18. It may give boost to career matters. Society will praise you for efforts you had put it. Some action is there in key house but it is limited to first half of 2021. Reinvent your home during Apr 23 to June 11.

  • Jan 12- New moon in Career
  • Apr 23 to Jun 11 – Mars at home
  • Jun 24 – Full moon
  • Jul 09- New moon


Self vs Others

Mars has been moving in Aries in second half of 2020.It will do reengineering in relationships. Some may go out some new may come in. You will get fair idea what you need and what you don’t need. Protect self from relations which is not working. Mars will be in Libra to reassess your relations from September 15 to October 30.

  • Mar 28- Full Moon
  • Apr 11- New moon
  • Sep15 to Oct 30 – Marriage and commitment
  • Oct 6 – New moon
  • Oct 20- Full moon