Astro Update - Pam Gregory on FB

Submitted by admin on Sat, 10/19/2019 - 17:30

#astrology As we move into the second part of October, the energy becomes more assertive and combative. Mars is square the Nodal Axis, and on the 26th, the Moon is conjunct Mars at 15° Libra, and they are both exactly square to Saturn at 15° Capricorn and more widely Pluto at 20°. This square of Mars to Saturn and Pluto continues until the end of the month, and is particularly strong in the last week. These aspects can be quite militaristic and warlike. Impulse (Mars) must be curtailed to prevent explosive situations developing. In a personal sense, we can use these energies very productively for working hard, in a disciplined way and for the long term (Saturn) to produce something transformative (Pluto) in the world. These aspects between Mars, Saturn and Pluto, plus all the Cardinal energy at this time, are very energetic for setting goals and working relentlessly to achieve them. The more you can use Pluto altruistically to benefit others, the better this will work.

Today has been pretty wild in the UK, with almost 1 million anti-Brexit protesters in London, and the Prime Minister losing the opportunity to pass his Withdrawal Deal today. He must, by law, send a letter to the EU by 11pm tonight, requesting a delay in Brexit to allow all the legislation on Brexit to be passed before we leave, thus preventing a no-deal Brexit. We will see whether the Prime Minister complies with the law by tomorrow; that is not sure. So lots of assertion and combat here!

I am aware that the UK is not the only country to be experiencing extremes of feeling (Mercury and Venus are already in Scorpio, followed by the Sun on 24th), and the clash between the executive and the judiciary.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all moving direct, with none of them moving retrograde until after March 2020 when all of them come together in conjunction. That will be an immensely powerful period. We are moving fast, being funnelled towards 2020. As expected, legal and constitutional issues are moving quickly, but not always clearly; there are twists and switch-backs along the way. This is not helped in the UK by transiting Neptune square the UK's Mercury, not great for clear thinking. Mercury also rules the UK's 9th house of legalities and foreign relations. Saturn in Capricorn is about integrity, accountability and transparency, and Pluto in Capricorn deals with abuse of power, exactly as it did in 1517 with the Catholic church selling indulgences to absolve sins - an ancient quid-pro-quo . . .

See this within the bigger context of this Pluto in Capricorn. This is about the breakdown of the political and power structures in societies, the collapse of the patriarchy. Although it's easy to get caught up in the chaos and the drama, know that this is meant to be happening right now. We will start to see the beginning of a new social 'worldview' and structure next December 2020, although any autocrats may try to hold onto the last gasp of power until 2024, even 2025.

So pace yourself. The greater the chaos and turbulence on the outside, the more we need to turn inwards. Make that your priority, and to feel peace and calm. Can you walk in a forest, stare into a flower, spend close time with a loved one, person or pet? Everything is frequency, and if we can keep our individual vibration high, our own reality becomes more comfortable, and perhaps we can even create a collective future that is currently unimaginable and beautiful. Aim high. If we are caught up in the drama, we will just attract more drama into our own lives too.

This too will pass.