Astro weather

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/31/2022 - 08:13

Pluto and Sun are holding all planets now. Passinate Pluto is in retrograde. It is legging behind at same 28 Capricorn Degree. News of deaths are dominant in news. With Mars and Jupiter in Aries.. People wants to be break free. Saturn -Mercury square is asking them to go slow. 

Sun is moving fast in Gemini now. So communication is key.. Venus is happy in Taurus now so have fun , food, luxry of your choice. 

On August 20 to year end , Mars will be in Gemini. It will be time to have more focus on choices. SO we have only 2.5 months only this year to take some meaningful action or decision. Don't go in comfort zone till then. Take action 

Next eclipses are on October 25 (solar eclipse) and November 8, 2022 (lunar eclipse) . So it has time now.. 

Saturn will go retrograde on June 4. Mercury will be Direct on June 3. Pluto is in retrograde now. Neptune is next to go on 28 June , 2022. Jupiter from July 28 ..

Ukraine issue unresolved and creating issue at food , inflation and crude oil front.. We are hearing news of Monkeypox too in some part of the world   Prices are rising , Lets see how world would react when Mars will enter in Taurus. It will be Taurus heavy chart then.