Astro Weather – April May June 2023

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Several planets are changing signs. That will impact many of us going forward. Lets discuss the main signatures here and how it will impact signs and birthdays

Mostly fixed signs got edge here in gravity terms. Taurus would be key with Jupiter, Uranus and North node. Assets and currencies would be key. Full moon is happening between 3  to 5 dates , so impact would be there. New beginning is planned from 17 to 20th Birthdates.

Biggest aspect now is Pluto – Moon nodes – Hard aspect. It will keep people borned near cusps like 20-22 dates under pressure especially people borned near Jan 20, July 20, April 20, and October 20 till November. Intense pressure I see for these birthdays.  

Mutable Signs : Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces

Moon Cycle

                Full Moon – Sagittarius – June 3

                New Moon – Gemini – June 17

Saturn in Pisces

It will pass through 2 degree to 7 Degree Pisces in next quarter of 2023. It will go retrograde on 18th June. In Pisces, it will ask for more compassion from you. Be more realistic in approach. Illusion or mask may fall. Mutable signs of earlier degrees will get their impact on key house especially birthdays near 22nd to 29th . Get practical.

Neptune in Pisces

It will transit from 25 Degree Pisces to 27 degree 41 minutes Pisces in first quarter. On June 30, it will go retrograde. Birthdays of 16 to 20 will feel impact of it. Illusion of some type may develop. Need vision to get more clarity.

Coordinal Signs : Aries, Libra, Cancer , and Capricorn

Moon Cycle

                Full Moon – Libra – April 5

                Solar eclipse – Aries – 29 Degree – April 20

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter will start from 19 degree in Aries in April and till 16th May 2023. After that it is time to move for it in Taurus. First 45 days of the quarter will help you in big ways. Use this opportunity to play big shots. If you were borned between 11 to 21 of cardinal signs, you would get better result.


Fix Signs – Taurus , Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius

Moon Cycle

                Lunar Eclipse – May 5, Scorpio , 14 Degree

                New Moon – May 19th Taurus – Taurus

 Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter will be in Taurus starting May 16th. It will move to 9 Degree. It means Impact will be on all fix signs till birthdates of 21st to 2nd batch. It will be blessing for this Venus ruled sign and currencies.

Moon’s Node In Taurus

North node will start from 4th Degree of Taurus till 1 degree in this quarter. People bonred near 22 to 26th would get its impact. They will feel deep transformation in their life.

Uranus in Taurus

It is full form. Freedom is key here from 16 degree to 21 Degree. Deep transformation would happen for people borned between 8th birthdate to 13th .

Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto is moving in Aquarius this quarter. Stating from 0 degree. Pluto will go retrograde on May 2 at 0 Degree only. It will be back in Capricorn on 12 June. And it will move mostly till 29 degree.