Building Trust

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 04:43

I came across an interesting TED video on building trust by the Harvard business school professor Frances Frei. It gives new prospective in eroding value of society “Trust”. Trust has three pillars and if anyone gets shaky, we lose trust.

Three pillars are empathy, logic, and authenticity. Let’s discuss one by one.

Empathy: It is about ability to understand and share feelings of others. We truly go in other’s shoes and listen his prospective. We listen. Visualize the boundaries of other’s reaction or action. Let’s take an example. Father cries on young son to get job. Son also tries his best. But jobs are not there in market. Both lose empathy in way and trust get broken. If both listen to other prospective and help each other, problem could be resolved without breaking trust.

Professor Frances Frei has suggested to put off mobile and other distractions. Empathy is active listening. Listening of signal not the noise of cries.

Logic: There are two parts of logic. One is you don’t have logic. Another is the way you communicate the logic. Logic comes vision and values. We have to identify our values and ethics. Why do we need a particular relation or trust to exist?

Many times we have logic still we can’t communicate properly. There are two ways to communicate in world. The first one is when you take the person on journey that has twist and turns. It has mystery and drama before reaching to the point. Great story tellers talk like it. But there is a risk of losing the point, if you get cut in-between.

Another way is straight forward Idea and then data and logic around it. Mother generally talks like first. She has better connect with child. Father generally talk less and less in data and logics. That makes his position vulnerable. Many times voice increases over the logic/data. In the way we lose trust.

Authenticity: In today’s fast moving world, multiple relationships and negotiations move. We don’t know really where the loyalty lies. It creates doubt. Wife keeps checking whereabouts of the husband or his phone. People many times are vulnerable of mask. We don’t share the true self. Trust reduced and we too reduce a chance to grow. Company don’t trust the employee. Allocate less power. And in end both losses.
To tackle authenticity bobble, it is easy to be true self and no mask. In those situations, people will trust more.