Celebrities quick bites

Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/14/2023 - 02:13

Seeing marriage of Parineeti Chopra (Oct 22) marriage .. Many planets are hitting this points.. Jupiter has just passing at marriage point , Pluto and Mars are at different ends.. So this point is very crucial and forcing her to take decision .

BJP lost big in Karnataka.. Neptune is moving opposite to Narendra Modi (Sep 17) natal Sun. Back stabbing is possible from partners. 

Donald Trump (June 14) is facing sexual harassement charges. His opposite point at Sagittarius Sarad Pawar (Dec 12) is facing revolt at home.. His nephew Ajit pawar is claiming his position. 

Joe Biden (Nov 20) is facing tough new moon on 19 May in critics house. His movement is limited by Pluto at early degree of Aquarius.