Consciousness, Stress- People

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 04:39

Stress level is increasing exponentially. We are living under expectation load. Life is competitive and we all want maximum. God has given us only two constant things - Conciseness and Time. It is upto you how you waste thoughts and time. As our age grows, bad thoughts or waste thoughts take over our mind. And we keep churning the waste, it is like killing both precious resources - of time and consciousness.

Consciousness loves 3 things, people, Peace, variation, and purpose. Consciousness hates expectations, constraints, monotony and purposeless life.

All are subject itself. Let’s discuss people first. World is divided in 2 parts- Givers and Takers. Givers gives too much sometimes, and takers suck them. Both are stressed as it is dependent relationship. Expectation flows from taker to giver. And in result, consciousness is getting stresses. With time, both losses in possessiveness and dependence. Takers expect that giver will give MORE happiness, love and growth. Givers has a limit. And problem in such case is conciseness has just have 2-3 thought centres to entertain. It is sticky. By running only 2-3 tapes in your mind may use only one part of conciseness. Other part remains unused and will die slowly. Narrow use of consciousness kills.

We get most pain from people. Still consciousness loves people. It dances, sings, parties or loves with others. We need people (connections) to feel happy. That’s why friendship is best bet. It has less load of expectation. And on other hand LOVE cripples most. There is huge load of expectation. So consciousness loves more connections with less expectation load. Strangers are better , as zero expectation. Any help from stranger, we value it lot. Any ignorance from giver (close relative), we value it big too.

Consciousness runs behind love connect and theft of lovers. We stalk people on social media. We keep track of our ex and their new partners. On same way, consciousness keep tracks of our happiness and thief of happiness. most hated boss or most loved boss. We keep track of people who rejected us and supported us. We connect and trace – most impactful people who shaked our emotions in big way. Our thoughts thieves are mostly our love , our happiness and our growth thief too. Consciousness is LOSS conscious. As we grow old, losses are expected to increase. So we get stressed. In conclusion, stress has to increase with age and expectation.