Financial Markets - Astrology

Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/15/2022 - 10:18

Big news are crypto currency meltdown and Wheat. Food and Currency are nick names of Taurus. North node is moving there in square of Saturn. Mercury is in retrograde too. Sun has just passed through Uranus and North node. 

RBI in India surprised everyone by increasing Interest rates. It was sudden move. Cost of Dollar loan on India is rising sharply. India is bleeding on two fronts - Currency meltdown and rising fuel prices. 

Srilanka is crucial example. How a strong country could bleed under loan. Pluto is at intense end of Capricorn and making it hard to comeback.

We are in eclipse season. It will be interesting how May 16 eclipse will make swing. Lunar eclipse is blood moon and may rearrange assets and Liability. South node eclipse is making square with Saturn. Tough for new economy.  

Mercury retrograde, the Trickster, will be with us until June 3.  September 21-28, Saturn will come too close to Uranus Square. Jupiter will be midway between these two powerhouses. Even now, in the past week, we see Jupiter making its first of three semi-squares to Uranus (May 10-11, September 28, and December 13. In 2021 when Saturn squared Uranus three times, global stock markets made new all-time or multi-year highs. In this case, we need to be prepared for either: a crash or a huge rally to new multi-year highs, and then another reversal.