Full moon in Aquarius - Aug 15

Submitted by admin on Tue, 08/06/2019 - 05:28

Full moon is coming in Aquarius on Aug 15 on 22 deg Leo. Aquarius is technology and freedom. This full moon is opposite Venus (fun, food)..Eat cautiously. Remain cautious of sleep and food.   Pluto is tough on it. Stay away from power struggle. Infact it is making y kind of structure between Pluto (power) Neptune (illusion) and sun (ego)-Venus (fun).

If you were born near 15th of any month, you will feel an impact.  Think out of box. Solution is nearby.  

Stay away from over fun, sugar, and ego. Rest is OK with this full moon.

  • Aries - Social life and friends
  • Taurus -Career and social status
  • Gemini- Travel -in-laws, legal
  • Cancer -  Partner's income, loan , sex
  • Leo - Marriage and relations
  • Virgo - Job and health
  • Libra - Love and creativity
  • Scorpio - Home ,mother and domestic affair
  • Sagittarius - Sibling and contract
  • Capricorn - Earned income and money
  • Aquarius - Outlook perception
  • Pisces- Mental Peace..