Full moon Libra - April 6- Past wounds

Submitted by admin on Sun, 04/02/2023 - 03:03

This full moon is opposite Chiron, quincux with Uranus, It means healing , old wounds, may come up unexpectedly. Pain may be there. Full moon is in libra, sign of Justice. Venus , ruler, of this  full moon, is in Taurus. 

This full moon is in HASTA nakshatra. It is moon ruled Nakshatra. 

Emotions may be high now. It is more so, if you were borned near 6th of any month 

  • Aries- Critics, Marriage, Peers
  • Taurus - Work and Health 
  • Gemini - Love and Child 
  • Cancer - Home and Mother
  • Leo - Sibling or connect
  • Virgo - Earned income 
  • Libra- Outlook and Perceptions
  • Scorpio - Mental peace, Hidden truth 
  • Sagittarius - Social life and friends
  • Capricorn - Social status and career
  • Aquarius - Travel and Inlaws
  • Pisces - Partner's income