Full moon October 13 - Aries

Submitted by admin on Wed, 10/02/2019 - 11:05

Full moon is in Aries 20 Degree.. Good aspect with Jupiter (luck).  Bad aspect with Pluto (passion)..Culmination in initiative, Independence, action. Mars is tough with Uranus near it. So huge focus is possible in freedom and independence. People born near 13th of any month would get impacted. So it will be focus in theses areas..  

  • Aries -  Outlook and perception 
  • Taurus  - Mental peace and Thoughts
  • Gemini- Social life and friends
  • Cancer - Social status and career 
  • Leo - Travel , legal , In -laws
  • Virgo - Partner's income and loan 
  • Libra - Marriage and critics
  • Scorpio - Job and health 
  • Sagittarius - Love, child and creativity 
  • Capricorn - Domestic affair , mother 
  • Aquarius - Sibling and contract 
  • Pisces - Earning income.. 

Ceres (nurturing) is supportive. Lilith is tough. Eris (strife and discord) is close to it. It is part of your dark side. Juno is also in picture. So let observe this full moon..