Gemini Horoscope - Janaury 2021

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/31/2020 - 06:50

January 13 is new moon in Capricorn. It has good support from Neptune and conjunction with Pluto. So financial and emotional boost is possible. A big risk will get paid off. Let this things go your way.

Full moon of January 28 is volatile and unexpected. If you were born near May 28, this full moon is big in  sibling care. There may be many things on your table to complete. It is hectic full moon. Plan things well in advance.

Mars will be moving in Aries till January 6. Gemini  will feel mentally charged in January 2021. Thoughts may be going in many direction. Some truth may bother you. You may feel restricted. Uranus and Saturn will be Square soon in Taurus and Aquarius. It will be big struggle in independence for people born near May 29. In laws or education may be trouble some. Teacher may be hard on you. Travelling may be little painful.

 January has huge focus on Aquarius. It is Travel , relatives and spirituality.. Gemini  will move out of comfort zone. Travel and education will be important. You may be interaction with new faces and may be reading new subject. .Planets are squeezing between Venus and Uranus. So Venus will be key driver. Eat well ,sleep well, and love well.