Jupiter - Neptune Square

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 07:45

Now it will form a T square with Jupiter - Neptune will have a reality drive now starting September 1. 

First Venus, Then Mars, Sun, Mercury.. All will pass through this square.. People born near 6 to 10 will be most impacted.. It is  about big dreams or big reality..

Over-optimism, fantasies, and escapism through drugs will only lead to embarrassment, loss, and disappointment.  Ilusion will be strip off.. 

  • Aries - Legal , education, travel and Mental peace
  • Taurus - Loan, sex.. and.. Friends.. social links 
  • Gemini- Marriage , enemies and Career. 
  • Cancer- Job, health and Travel.. 
  • Leo - Love and Sex, Money
  • Virgo - Property and Marriage 
  • Libra - Time issue and job and health 
  • Scorpio- Earned income and love, 
  • Sagittarius - Outlook , perception and home 
  • Capricorn - Mental peace and sibling.. 
  • Aquarius.. Social life and earned income 
  • Pisces - Outlook and career