Lunar eclipse Scorpio - May 15 - Emotional restrictions

Submitted by admin on Mon, 05/02/2022 - 13:07

Pluto and Neptune are supporting this lunar eclipse. Though Saturn is tough on it.. So be responsible. Emotional restrictions may come out in open .. I(t is more so if your birthday is around 15th of any month.. Saturn leaves no doubt. It is clear and concise ..something will reach at culmination .. react before reading fine print as some information is hidden .. Scorpio is hidden things ... Saturn loves direct talk.. Pluto support shows some flow along with Neptune.. water sign got some respite from intense Saturn anger..

  • Aries - Emotional expenses,
  • Taurus - Marriage and commitment
  • Gemini - Work and health
  • Cancer - Love and child
  • Leo - Home and mother
  • Virgo - Sibling and contract
  • Libra- Earned income
  • Scorpio - Self out look or energy
  • Sagittarius - Mental peace
  • Capricorn - Social life and friends
  • Aquarius - Social status
  • Pisces - Travel , in laws , education