Management by Zodiac..1/2

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It is necessary that you should know talent of each person and use them accordingly. It is normal to see waste of talent in private sector. Person fit for some job, are being used for another job.  We have all have some natural talent. Astrology can help some way to map potential. I am discussing it in 2 parts. Organizations should do talent mapping according to astrology to fit them at right place. Pushing everyone with one stick won’t help. Common signs and their work are

                Aries  -  project work, Crisis, expansion  

                Taurus – Research, Analysis, Data , Transaction

                Gemini- Sales, HR, Events

                Cancer – Team lead, Project manager, learning and development, Gender diversity

                Leo – Natural leaders – use fear and motivation at ease..

                Virgo – Lawyer, Legal, Safety and compliance

I am also writing with whom they work well. Aries excel in working with Libra, Taurus excel in working with Scorpio, Gemini excel in working with Sagittarius, Cancer excel in working with Capricorn, Leo excel working with Aquarius, And Virgo excel in working with Pisces.

Aries :

He loves working alone. He owns responsibilities of others too. He should be trained in team work. Dedication and commitment are too high. He wants to grow at all costs. It is necessary to use the potential of him and give him free hand. Otherwise his talent would die soon. He will feel locked and would walk out. Aries are good for project work. He needs war around him. Move him as crisis manager.


He is great analysts. He knows the process by heart. He is great in understanding process or getting things done. If he keeps his mind, he can go very -2 long. He loves transactional work. He gets glued to his work. He plays long innings. Taurus have starting problems. Once he knows the trick. He masters it.  He knows the structure well. He is either a drive in himself or very lazy.


He loves talking. He is good in sales work. He is pleasant and shrewd in discussion. He knows what to sell and how to sell. You can find Gemini easily in meetings. He talks lo even if he does not know much idea. They are good in spreading rumors , managing people, and convincing bosses. He remains close to boss. HR may be another good function for them.


He brings emotion to the team. He tells stories. He connect well with all zodiac. Mastery of emotions is too good in a Cancer. Emotional leaders are good to convert failures in success.  He is good listener and knows details about his work. I have seen passionate Cancers, he shares credit to all.

Leo :

Leo  is an natural leader. He has all tools like fear and motivation in his command. He shines when he get authority. He may not be good at junior level. Subordination is not his forte. He wants his ego get satisfied. Leo has mix of attitude and get things done. Bullying is his favorite tool. Leo comes out of public , he is different. He is passionate. He shines and he shows it.


He is good in defending legal points. He is general of army who like to follow commands or book of law. He develops his own structure. He is good for quality function or legal function. He likes detailing, cleaning, reviewing, rewriting, arguing, and debating. They can make big booklets. He is workaholic and disciplined.