New moon aquarius january 2020

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/14/2020 - 07:24

Aquarius is sign of change , This new  moon (Aquarius -4 Deg 21 Minute) has its ruler Uranus square with this new moon. Urnaus brings uncertainty, anxiety and unexpected change. Freedom will be the key. This new  moon has one fixed star which is emotional and mentally unstable. That may add the eccentricity of this new moon.

This new moon is on 25th January. If you were born near 25th of any month, this will send some unexpected news towards you.

  • Aries - Social life or friends
  • Taurus -social life, Career , father
  • Gemini  - Traveling, in-laws, teacher
  • Cancer- Partner's income and expenses
  • Leo - Marriage and commitment
  • Virgo - Job and health
  • Libra- Love and creativity
  • Scorpio - Home and mother
  • Sagittarius - Sibling or contract
  • Capricorn - Earned income or employer
  • Aquarius - Self outlook and perception
  • Pisces - Mental peace and confidential information..

meantime - Mars is square to Venus and Neptune. Venus is sextile to Jupiter.