Mars will be moving in Aries till January 6. Taurus will feel empowered in January 2021. You have extra energy to handle. Mars will make Square with seven planets in Aquarius. So expect some volatility and anger.  Uranus and Saturn will be Square soon in Taurus and Aquarius. It will be big struggle in independence for people born near April 29.

 January has huge focus on Aquarius. It is social status life now.. Taurus will move out of comfort zone. Social arena will charge. You will show new path of opportunity. Seven planets will come in Aquarius soon. Planets are squeezing between Venus and Uranus. So Venus will be key driver. Eat well ,sleep well, and love well.  

January 13 is new moon in Capricorn. It has good support from Neptune and conjunction with Pluto. So legal boost is possible. You may go to distant location for travel needs. A relative may need you now.

Full moon of January 28 is volatile and unexpected. If you were born near April 28, this full moon is big in  Domestic care. Mother may question your motives. If you don’t have stable home, you will feel this volatility more. Play safe near the date.