Pisces 2021 Horoscope

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Neptune is moving in your sign. It is sign of dreams and imagination. It also rules drug and medication. Life may be too perfect or too messy. Jupiter will come shortly in middle of 2021 and it will benefit some of the Pisces in gains. 2022 could be dream year as Jupiter and Neptune will support your sign of dreams.

Life is no where perfect in 2020. In fact realistic sign of Capricorn has been driving the realistic approach. Capricorn is war sign and has focus on reality. Safety first has been moto for us all. Corona did not leave rich or poor. Power word has different meaning for us now. Saturn (fear) ,Pluto (death), and Jupiter(big) have been close to each other  about whole year in 2020. People were scared ,restricted and helpless.

Mars has been in third house of employment.  Second house had genuine pressure to gain more income from some source. It is not easy. Expenses may come unexpectedly.

Jupiter and Saturn will come to your twelfth house in 2021. It will be big gravity. It means huge focus on thoughts and perception. You have to devise new way of thinking to come out of mental boundaries. You may feel stuck in unwanted situation.

Meantime, Uranus (unexpected sibling situation) will make square with Saturn (Constraint in thoughts). It will affect people based on age. Some may struggle to handle close relatoves like sibling, travel , car, or distance matters. You may need freedom or age old thinking. Drive carefully and slow down your speed a bit. Desire for freedom will be high.

Meantime , eclipses will drive changes in domestic and career matters. Career may be on steep rise r fall based on age or karma. Aging Pisces may feel they are losing control. While Pisces in 20-30’s will find a grip on career drive.  

If I go by birthday specific , people born within March 4 to March 12 will have new beginnings. While birthdays within February 20 to February 28 will have closings /culminations. Result of past karma and efforts will be delivered. People born between February 28 to March 5 will face tough intense war with domestic issues.  Let’s discuss focus area of 2021 in detail based on their priority.

Domestic life or career matters – Intense Changes

Moon node is in home and career houses ,a core issue of our rise, Pisces needs Neptune on its side to get big boost. Its slippery. We lose vision. If you have vision drive, We get support of eclipses once in 18 years. So use it. Take care of parent’s health. If you can see the goal poast. Go on wild drive. Problem is Neptune is in square. It may fluctuate goal posts frequently.

Mars will be in Gemini to boost domestic health plan between March 4 to April 23. I will discuss each eclipse in detail in my monthly horoscopes.

  • Nov 30, 2020 - Lunar eclipse – Gemini
  • Dec 14, 2020- Solar eclipse – Sagittarius
  • Mar 4 to Apr 23 - Mars in Gemini
  • May-26, 2021 lunar eclipse -Sagittarius
  • June 10,2021,Solar Eclipse -Gemini
  • Dec 4,2021, Solar eclipse - Sagittarius

Health, thoughts and wellness-  Breaking Boundaries : 

Thoughts play important role in our life. We spend most of our time in our head. Both Saturn (caution) and Jupiter (giver) are in Aquarius for almost most of the 2021. Most of the year Saturn and Uranus are in square. World may see big recession in 2021. Uranus is in asset oriented sign of Taurus. If you were born between February 27 to March 5, this year will impact you more in this recession matters. Take care of self and outlook.

Health issue may come from frequent transactions or travel. Develop  skills and plan your travel well.

  • Jan 17- Jupiter square Uranus
  • Jan 28-Full Moon – Leo
  • Feb 11- New moon in Aquarius
  • Feb 17- Saturn square Uranus
  • Jun 11- July 29 – Mars in Leo
  • Jun-14- Saturn square Uranus
  • July 1 to 4  - Mats t square with Uranus Saturn.
  • Jul 24 – Full Moon
  • Aug 08-New Moon
  • Dec-24- Saturn square Uranus

Siling, Travel and contract -Unusual pressure

We need hard negotiations to resolve issues. Such sittings needed to come out of mess. That is current situation. Sibling, travel or time need reengineering to boost productivity. Align your day to big goals.

Plan higher education, hire a mentor, and plan big holidays. Some Pisces may find spirituality new  gain area.

On November 19, 2021, we have lunar eclipse in Sibling chart. It will bring culmination in education and contract issue.

  • Jan 6 to Mar 4- Mars in Taurus
  • Jan 17- Jupiter square Uranus
  • Feb 17- Saturn square Uranus
  • Apr 27- Full moon
  • May 11- New Moon
  • Jun-14- Saturn square Uranus
  • July 1 to 4  - Mats t square with Uranus Saturn.
  • Nov 4 – New Moon
  • Nov 19 – Lunar Eclipse
  • Dec-24- Saturn square Uranus

Self and relations – Need vision

Neptune is moving in Pisces near 20 Degree. Jupiter will enter in Pisces from May 13 to July 28. It will go till 2 degree. It should bring some good news for Pisces  born  near February 20. Fix outlook issues. Neptune is slippery planet and demand extra information and care. Any mismanagement may backfire.   

2022 is right time for relationships affair. Jupiter will bring happiness in this area will bring deep level of  transformation. It is house to focus in next two years.  But try to attack in 2022 only when Jupiter will be on your side.

Mars will add to  marriage and relations  management area from July 29 to September 15. That will be time to grow in life.

  • Feb 27 -Full Moon
  • Mar 13- New Moon
  • May 13 to July 28 – Jupiter in physical health
  • Jul 29 to September 15- Mars in mental health
  • Sep 6-New moon
  • Sep 21- Full Moon

Social life, Friends, Child and love– Slight stable

Pluto is moving in this house. Pluto is known for transformation. This house has been under tremendous pressure recently. Now situation will change. Pluto is slow mover. It will move from 22 Deg to around 26 Deg in 2021.It will transform social  matters of people born within March 14 to March 18. Mars will visit your seventh house from Apr 23 to June 11 to give you additional romantic  energy. Plan accordingly. 

  • Jan 12- New moon in Career
  • Apr 23 to Jun 11 – Mars in long distance travel
  • Jun 24 – Full moon
  • Jul 09- New moon

Money and earnings

Mars has been moving in Aries in second half of 2020.It will do reengineering in financial life . Mars will be in Libra to reassess your financial health from September 15 to October 30, 2021. So use this time range to build new assets and liabilities.

 Mar 28- Full Moon

  • Apr 11- New moon
  • Sep15 to Oct 30 –Inner peace  matters
  • Oct 6 – New moon
  • Oct 20- Full moon