Pluto Eris Square messing with Venus

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/21/2021 - 10:23

Very draining aspect has been happening between pluto and eris for past years or so people born in end of signs

  • Aries (apr 18).. Career
  • Taurus (may 18) or mind peace
  • Gemini (jun 18). Expenses and social life
  • Cancer (jul 18).. Marriage vs career
  • Leo (aug 18).. Health vs education or legal
  • Virgo (sep 18)..child love vs expenses
  • Libra (oct 18).. Home vs marriage partner
  • Scorpio (nov 18). Sibling, health vs travel
  • Sagittarius (dec 18).. Earning vs love child
  • Capricorn (jan 18)..home or mother
  • Aquarius (feb 18)..sibling travel vs mental peace
  • Pisces (mar 18).. Earned income vs social life