Pursuit of happiness

Submitted by admin on Wed, 11/06/2019 - 06:57

People are looking for constant state of happiness.  It is theoretically not possible. Happiness is most misunderstood concept. Some think it is peace + growth, peace+ joy, or peace + pleasure. There may be many versions. All want it consistent and growing. It is not possible.

It is sustainable by rewiring your mind. I thought once I get into IIT , I will be happy, They ,if I get a job, then if I get a marriage partner, then , If I get a baby.. List is never ending. It left me hungrier than fulfilled. Pursuit of such happiness never ends.

We are living in loneliest society. Old way of thinking has disappeared. Groups and community has ended. We are looking for independence. Infect, we want to live with our chosen people, not god chosen. We are getting isolated. 39% people in USA said, they are lonely.

Happiness is constant efforts like physical body needs. We eat junk food. We get fat and need to shed it off. Similarly, we get junk values and thoughts. We need constant efforts to rewire my mind. Shred this emotional fat. As we have hunger for carbohydrates, we need momentous joy to please our senses. It has no nutrition value. It is just addiction of short term pleasures.

We need long term solutions. We need peace as backbone. It neutralizes our emotional turbulence to outer environment. We need right thoughts and need to know our emotional volatility.

Peace means here less emotional fluctuations and more of good emotions –love, care, joy, travel, friends, gratitude and fun. Injecting these in mind can reduce unrealistic pain or  hurts. Even small hurt and pain need big dose of positive thoughts, meditation, and joy. Share the hurt, deeper it is hidden in subconscious mind, it spread faster. Resolve it,if you can or forgive people. Don’t love with it. Hurts are like cancers. More you keep it, more they destroy you.