Capricorn Jan-3

Young climate activist Greta Thunberg thunders at UN meet ...

Aquarius Feb-11

Politician filed for divorce.. 

Virgo Sep-14

Doing good in Movies.. .. Virgo season .. Use it 

Gemini Jun-3

Won crucial match.. Big one 

Gemini May-27

Got good salary Hike 

Gemini Jun-02

Making good runs in Ashes 2019 

Virgo Sep-20

Won Man of the match .. 

Cancer Jul-5

Won big tournament .. BAdmintan player 

Capricorn Dec-28

Indian politician.. Died.. 

Virgo Sep-16

Arrested.. Indian politician.. 

Aquarius Feb-18

Indian music director - Died

Scorpio Nov-11

Got extention after retirement 

Aquarius Feb-13

Rashami Desai finds love again in actor Arhaan Khan

Taurus Apr-27

Defend India in UN .. on kashmir 

Libra Oct-18

Islamic scholar... May be deported..

Leo Aug-21

Did suicide.. Indian former player

Scorpio Nov-15

Indian Actress - Died.. 

Taurus May-17

Kashmiri Leader .. Detained at home

Cancer Jun-21

Got bravery award... Indian solider..

Taurus May-13

Hong kong ruler.. Facing tough public resistance..

Gemini Jun-7

His show with Indian Prime minister got wide audience..