Solar eclipse Taurus 10 Degree - 30 April 2022 - Food, Currencies, assets , actions

Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/19/2022 - 14:12

We are in middle of eclipse now. So keep track of finances. Uranus is no far. Mars is supporting this solar eclipse. So expect big move in lives if you were born near 30. Venus , ruler of this eclipse is so beauty. So love may come to you. Mars too happy now. Jupiter and Pluto are in trine. Making big moments. Mercury is slow now as preparing to retrograde and very powerful. So read fine lines and Pluto is also slow on other side so slow. It means power games may take new twist. 

If you were born near 30 of any month, this is new beautiful start in some area. Sometimes , solar eclipses give big and straight decision and it is big for you. 

  • Aries - Money and finances
  • Taurus - Outlook and perception 
  • Gemini - Mental peace 
  • Cancer - Social life friends 
  • Leo- Social Status 
  • Virgo - Travel , education , and Legal
  • Libra- Partner's income 
  • Scorpio - Marriage and relations 
  • Sagittarius - Job and Health 
  • Capricorn - Love and child 
  • Aquarius - Home and Domestic affair..
  • Pisces - Sibling and connect.