Taurus 2022 Horoscope

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Welcome to New Year of new hope. 2022 is path breaking year in many terms. North node is coming to your sign. It is make you centre of action. Taurus rules possessiveness, assets and earth. You may connect with these keywords again. In fact we all will get this focus. If you were borned in ascendant Taurus, new cycle or boost will come to you.

2022 is year of Tiger as Chinese. So people born in years 2010, 1998, 1974, 1962, 1950, or 1938 will get benefit in 2022 as per Chinese astrology.

Uranus is in your sign. It is time to have freedom. Taurus is fixed sign and it is hard for them to move on. Uranus loves to drive changes. In 2021 , you might have been seeing the intense changes. The same intensity should reduce as Saturn and Uranus will not be in square.

Jupiter, lord of luck, will move in social house and isolation house for almost six months each.  It is almost for five and half months in Aries (From 11 May to 29 October). It will be enough time to take control of mind. Last time Jupiter came in Aries in 2010. Rest six months , it will be in Pisces which is social sign for you. Connect with social links and friends.

Before jumping to 2022, let’s review a bit of year 2021 and connected energy flow. Eclipses were happening in financial houses. Money was key. Either you were gaining or loosing based on your conditions. Eclipses highlights energy in own way. In fact they amplify the cracks and gains.  It is your duty to keep house in order. So live balance life to keep focus in all directions.

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Saturn have been moving in social status.  Career was key. Both Jupiter and Saturn are heavy planets. So energy was intense to boost career for Taurus. In corona world, everything has changed. Last few months have been challenging for all, Confinement and restrictions change our psychology in a big way. Another signature which played big role was Uranus in earned income. Some Aries might have gain breakthrough in money and other might have lost the way. Uranus is eccentric. Behave abruptly.

Neptune is in social life and friends. It is one area may be dicey, slippery or imaginative. Neptune gives too perfect social life or slippery one. It is time to strengthen it. This transit is long tem we are in middle of it. 

Let’s discuss now 2022 and what it stores for Taurus. On birthday front, Taurus born from April 22 to May 4 will see new initiatives and new moons. For Taurus born within May 6 to May 20 will see culmination of their efforts.

Month wise flow will be like it


New Moon –Full Moon

Mars (action)-Most of It

Jupiter (Luck)

January 2022

Travel - Education

Partner’s income and Gain

Social life and Friends  

February 2022

Home -Career

Travel and education

Social life and Friends  

March 2022

LOVE – Social life


Social life and Friends  

April 2022

Health - Job

Social status- friends

Social life and Friends  

May 2022

Self - Relations

Social life

Thoughts and Mental Pease

June 2022



Thoughts and Mental Pease

July 2022

Travel m education

Perception, outlook

Thoughts and Mental Pease

August 2022

Home -Career

Perception, outlook

Thoughts and Mental Pease

September 2022

LOVE – Social life

Earned income

Thoughts and Mental Pease

October 2022

Health - Job

Earned income

Thoughts and Mental Pease

November 2022

Self - Relations

Earned income

Social life and Friends 

December 2022


Earned income

Social life and Friends 


Let me discuss on key areas for Taurus based on priorities.

Self, outlook, perception, relations, and partnership

Its eclipse time for Taurus. Changes will come. They will change many things around you especially you and others. Relationships will be key. Marriage may need new understanding. Small cracks may come out. Eclipse highlights the issues. Eclipse cycle will be in May and November. Some relations may not survive the heat. Let them go gracefully. Taurus is sticky sign and keep relations around it longer.

Eclipses push things ahead or close things. It will depends on situations and age. If you are rising sun , expect boost, In July and August , Mars will help you to resolve long pending issues. Mars will help you add extra shine on your face. Your leadership skill will be appreciated.


True Node Rx enters Taurus


Uranus Direct- 10 Deg Tau


New Moon Solar Eclipse (Partial) in Taurus -10 Deg


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Total)- 25 Deg


Venus enters Taurus

Jul  5

Mars enters Taurus


Uranus conjunct True Node -18 Tau


Uranus Retrograde -18 Tau


Venus enters Scorpio


New Moon SOLAR Eclipse (Partial)-2 Deg Sco


Full Moon LUNAR Eclipse (Total)-16 Deg Tau


Social Life, friends – Love

Social life and Friends will be best time in 2022. You will have friends around you , especially first four months.  In 2022, we have both Neptune and Jupiter passing through social links and hope. People are source of happiness and pain. Friendship is best medicine as it has very less expectations.

Though mixed signals are coming as 2022 may be isolation year too. First half of April is too good. Know it well. Neptune and Jupiter will meet together and it will be great blessing. IN April and May, Mars will be in same chart, it will big time.

To maximise it, use the good time to join more and more friends or social circles.

Jan  3

Jupiter square True Node -1 Deg


Jupiter sextile Uranus 11 Deg


Jupiter semi-square Pluto -12/27 Deg

Mar  2

New Moon in Pisces- 12 Pisc


Full Moon in Virgo-27 Deg


Neptune sextile True Node -23 Deg

Apr  5

Venus enters Pisces

Apr  5

Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn-22 Deg

Apr  8

Jupiter sextile True Node-23 Deg


Jupiter conjunct Neptune- 23 Deg


Mars enters Pisces

May  3

Jupiter sextile Pluto-28 Deg


Jupiter semi-square Uranus- 10 Deg


Neptune Retrograde-25 Pisces


New Moon in Virgo -4 Deg

Sep  5

Venus enters Virgo


Full Moon in Pisces


Jupiter Rx enters Pisces


Jupiter Direct- 28 Pis

Dec  3

Neptune Direct-22 Pis


Health , Wellness or thought:

2022 may give a hidden friend. On May 24, Mars will enter in Aries. It will be time to go back to drawing board and plan in detail.. And on May 10, Jupiter will enter in Aries. Both will give you time to think and work on something big behind the scene. Almost half of the year , Jupiter is supporting you in big way. So use this time to play with psychological boundaries. In 2022m focus will be more on mental health and boundaries than physical health.

Apr  1

New Moon in Aries-11 Deg


Full Moon in Libra- 26 Deg

May  2

Venus enters Aries


Jupiter enters Aries


Mars enters Aries


Jupiter semi-square True Node -6/21


Jupiter semi-square Saturn-8/23


Jupiter Retrograde -8 Ari


Jupiter semi-square Saturn


New Moon in Libra -2 Deg


Jupiter semi-square Uranus -3/18


Venus enters Libra


Full Moon in Aries-16 Ari


Jupiter enters Aries


Jupiter semi-square Uranus-0/15


Home and career

Career house had Saturn and Jupiter in 2021. You might have seen some changes in social structure Saturn is still there and will ask you to have responsible career matters. On Mar 6, Mars will enter in career house and social status.  It will be time to reboot and connect with influential people. Saturn will go retrograde from June 4 to October 23, It will be time to know more about career givers. Career focus is more in 2022 than home.  

Feb  1

New Moon in Aquarius- 12 Aqu


Full Moon in Leo- 28 Leo

Mar  6

Venus enters Aquarius

Mar  6

Mars enters Aquarius


Saturn square True Node-22 Deg


Saturn 24 Aqu 59 semi-sextile Neptune 24 Pis 59 -24 Deg


Saturn 25 Aqu 15 semi-sextile Neptune 25 Pis 15

Jun  4

Saturn Retrograde -25 Aqu


New Moon in Leo- 5 Deg


Venus enters Leo


Full Moon in Aquarius-19 Deg


Saturn Direct-18 Aqu


Money , Loan , Tax, or emotional wealth

Recently you were seeing so much action in money terms. Money is resource and we need it to survive. Some of you might have seen growth or some might have also seen a loss. Eclipses were driving it. You were looking intently to create new source of income. Big money settlement might have happened too.

Money may play important role in 2022 especially near date mentioned in table below. Yet, situation may further change after August 20, 2022 when Mars will enter in Gemini till end of the year. Energy will twist in same area. So keeping this area full of activity. Money will squeeze or expand based on conditions. New income source may emerge.  


New Moon in Gemini -9 Deg


Full Moon in Sagittarius -23 Sag


Venus enters Gemini


Mars enters Gemini


Mars Retrograde-25 Gem


Venus enters Sagittarius


New Moon in Sagittarius-1 Sag


Full Moon in Gemini-16 Gemi


Travel, Sibling, Relative and time management

Education is key to us. We have to focus on it for our mental growth. . Venus will be retrograde from December 19, 2021 to January 29, 2022. It will be time to give extra to rest and education. With new moon , full moon in same part in January, travel and education may be starting point in 2022. Take rest, and plan things well. Mars will be same part too along with Venus, Pluto and Sun. So some Taurus may feel peak of pending tasks at start of the year 2022. Travel may come from different directions. You may be surrounded by relatives and their needs.

Jan  2

New Moon in Capricorn 12 Deg


Full Moon in Cancer- 27 Deg Cancer


Mars enters Capricorn


Venus Direct- 11 Cap


Pluto 27 Cap 23 trine True Node 27 Tau


Pluto turns retrograde-28 Deg


New Moon in Cancer-7 Deg


Full Moon in Capricorn-21 Cap


Venus enters Cancer

Oct  8

Pluto Direct-26 Cap

Dec  9

Venus enters Capricorn


New Moon in Capricorn-1 Cap