Taurus Horoscope - 2021 Horoscope

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We have seen 2020 has been a milestone year for everyone’s life. We all got affected by the aggressive corona. This has damaged us at core. It may take years for us to recover. It is not easy. Many lost jobs, love or peace. We are living in constraints. Boundaries are not easy. Let’s pray we all recover from it.

It is hard for Taurus now as Uranus loves freedom. Taurus born till May 2 may have boon feeling more deeply this freedom battle. Uranus is at near 11 Degree.

Taurus is a fixed sign. It is hard t accept changes. 2021 seems to drive changes. It is changes you may like or not. Career matters may need full attention. Social status and significance may change. You may get a tough boss who may like to see you disciplined. Change the way of functioning to fulfil his desire. Remember, tree whish bends survives. Fixed tree loses in storms.

Saturn (fear) ,Pluto (death), and Jupiter(big) have been close to each other  about whole year in 2020. People were scared ,restricted and helpless. For Taurus, it has been about legal and educational momentum. It may be upward for some and downward for few. In spiritual matters or stuck in foreign land, it has been a distinct year in life. For the remaining months of 2020, we have Mars in Aries. It is about adjusting with distant relatives, foreign culture, tough teacher or in-laws. Constraints or opportunities may come with moments of anger or impatient. Widen your knowledge and understanding. Learn as mush you can. Convert problems in opportunity.

One significant aspect of 2020 was emptiness of most sky around us. At start of 2020 we had planets just between Capricorn and Taurus. That made the Capricorn so valuable in 2020. Slowly planets started distributing across the other signs and some balance came in chart.

2021 seems to be different world. Focus will shift to key house of Aquarius and Money matters ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius. If I go by birthday specific , people born with May 4 to May 12 will have new beginnings. While birthdays within April 19 to April 28 will have closings /culminations. Result of past karma and efforts will be delivered. People born between April 28 to May 5 will face tough intense war with career matters.  Let’s discuss focus area of 2021 in detail based on their priority.

Money , Asset, Liability  – Intense Changes

In next one year to so five eclipses are due in house of financial matters, asset and liabilities. It is about how we use our assets. Are we productive enough in terms of money management, matters?  Values may change. It may be  life changing time. Taurus values assets and comfort. Earning may dissolve. Also possible. That you may get new opportunities to earn more. No sign has skill to hold assets as Taurus has. Change in this area also mean to say goodbye to some asset which is close to your heart. Note down your values and know which value is more close to you.

Key milestone dates are given below. If you have to make annual plan or goal ,keep these in mind. Mars will be in Gemini to boost this from March 4 to April 23. So make your financial planning within that range. I will discuss each eclipse in detail in my monthly horoscopes.

  • Nov 30, 2020 - Lunar eclipse - Gemini
  • Dec 14, 2020- Solar eclipse – Sagittarius
  • Mar 4 to Apr 23 - Mars in Gemini
  • May-26, 2021 lunar eclipse -Sagittarius
  • June 10,2021,Solar Eclipse -Gemini
  • Dec 4,2021, Solar eclipse - Sagittarius


Career, Social status and Home – Breaking Boundaries : 

Both Saturn (caution) and Jupiter (giver) are in Aquarius for almost most of the 2021. Most of the year Saturn and Uranus are in square. World may see big recession in 2021. Uranus is in asset oriented sign of Taurus. If you were born between April 27 to May 5, this year will impact you more in these career movement.

We all like to grow. Growth has a cost.  If you know the pain well in advance, it is easy to handle. Every six months in 2021, Taurus has an intense test of social worth, prestige, and reputation. Saturn loves discipline. Uranus loves to play with law. It is better to be ethical in long term. Think long term over short term gains. Uranus may want you to play for short term gain. Saturn is more inclusive. It is better to think long term and for others too. Not to be selfish much. A balance is needed. 2021 is all about this learning. My suggestion would be not to stretch much in 2021 and play mind game of patience and hope with 2021 aspect.

  • Jan 17- Jupiter square Uranus
  • Jan 28-Full Moon – Leo
  • Feb 11- New moon in Aquarius
  • Feb 17- Saturn square Uranus
  • Jun 11- July 29 – Mars in Leo
  • Jun-14- Saturn square Uranus
  • July 1 to 4  - Mats t square with Uranus Saturn.
  • Jul 24 – Full Moon
  • Aug 08-New Moon
  • Dec-24- Saturn square Uranus


Relationships, Self, Perception  -Unusual pressure

Gravity will be high in social status in first half of the 2021. It may bring pressure on your drive and direction. Career pressure may put pressure on your weight or outlook. Human life is so interlink. One area comes under pressure , other area comes under effect. 2021 could be great year to change outlook, give a modern touch, or lose weight. It is time to change people perception that you can deliver.  Belive me no aspect is hard enough which can challenge your spirit. It is positive outlook that may change the outcome.

In January and February Mars will be with you. You will have extra drive and resolve to change outcome of fate.

A lunar eclipse is due on November 19, 2021 in Taurus. It will impact people born near May 19 in outlook and perception. A sudden forced realignment is possible.


  • Jan 6 to Mar 4- Mars in Taurus
  • Jan 17- Jupiter square Uranus
  • Feb 17- Saturn square Uranus
  • Apr 27- Full moon
  • May 11- New Moon
  • Jun-14- Saturn square Uranus
  • ly 1 to 4  - Mats t square with Uranus Saturn.
  • Nov 4 – New Moon
  • Nov 19 – Lunar Eclipse
  • Dec-24- Saturn square Uranus


Love, child, Social life, and friends – Need vision

Let’s discuss social hope of friends and hope. Neptune is moving in Pisces near 20 Degree. Jupiter will enter in Pisces from May 13 to July 28. It will go till 2 degree. It should bring some good news for Taurus born near April 20. Friends bring hope in life. In 2021, it is one area, you should rely on. Have nice evening with friends. Plan long holidays with them.Merge self with groups.

2022 is right time for hope and friends. Jupiter will bring happiness in this area. Neptune is making this part little slippery. It is house to cheer in next two years.  

Mars will add to the child and love area from July 29 to September 15. That will be time to boost heart matters. If single, love may come to your life. Spend time with child in August and First half of September.

  • Feb 27 -Full Moon
  • Mar 13- New Moon
  • May 13 to July 28 – Jupiter in thoughts
  • Jul 29 to September 15- Mars in love ,child
  • Sep 6-New moon
  • Sep 21- Full Moon

Travel, Sibling, Education and Legal matters – Slight stable

Pluto is moving in this house. Pluto is known for transformation. This house has been under tremendous pressure recently. Now situation will change. Pluto is slow mover. It will move from 22 Deg to around 26 Deg in 2020.It will transform spiritual  thinking of people born within May14 to May 18. It may give boost to travelling matters. In-laws or legal issue may be limited to first half of 2021. Plan a short distance holiday during Apr 23 to June 11.

  • Jan 12- New moon in Career
  • Apr 23 to Jun 11 – Mars at sibling, or short distance holiday
  • Jun 24 – Full moon
  • Jul 09- New moon


Health and Wellness

Mars has been moving in Aries in second half of 2020.It will do reengineering in mental peace,. Do some meditation. Check your fear, attachments and hate., Reduce that burden. Emotional baggage is not good in long term. Work behind the scene for long term project.

Mars will be in Libra to reassess your physical health from September 15 to October 30, 2021. So reassess physical health aspect. You may need to check doctors, gym or yoga guru during this time range.

  • Mar 28- Full Moon
  • Apr 11- New moon
  • Sep15 to Oct 30 – Physical health
  • Oct 6 – New moon
  • Oct 20- Full moon