New moon Sagittarius - November 26

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New moon Sagittarius - November 26 

This New Moon on Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at 4° Sagittarius brings chaotic change and rebellion. Mars and Uranus are in opposite and they are not that good with New moon. People born near 26th will feel this win or lose situation. It may bring irritation, hostility and rapid unexpected change. If you were born near 26th this new moon will be direct.

Sagittarius - 2020 Horoscopes

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Jupiter is passing through Sagittarius. Such support you get once in a lifetime. You may be full of optimism. Jupiter brings hope. It is going to more optimistic 2020. Sagittarius bring optimism all around him /her. It is time to maximise it. 

2020 is new year with lots of hopes. Live some. Sagittarius loves risk taking, travel, spirituality, and  life. Explore more in 2020. 

Let me describe the year as area of priority in 2020. 

Earned income, Money, loan, sex,