Thought - Why Libra are in center now ?

Submitted by admin on Sat, 04/09/2022 - 10:28

Putin (Oct 7) - War against Ukraine and isolation 

Impran khan (Oct 5) - Facing No trust vote 

These two birthdays show stress at the Libra points. Lets have balance . Venus their ruler out of Saturn and Mars nearby and now in Pisces. Will peace prevailed ? It will be intereting to see. 

Most planets are in third quarter of Home to enemies. Capricorn is Home where Pluto is pushing things to new level. Saturn and Mars are in love and child matter. Attachement to heart matters are being taken away. Pisces is health house and it is full with Jupiter and Neptune. A bubble is there. Health of self and others are talking point. 

Mars will enter in Aries on May 26. And Jupiter in May 11.  A new Aries - enemies and crirtics may come up.