Vedic Transits - March 2023

Submitted by admin on Tue, 02/28/2023 - 11:36

If you were borned in various Nakshatra (moon sign). Following impacts possible now. 

  • Rahu/Ketu Ruled Nakshatra born - Rahu and ketu are in mutually ruled Naksatra now , so it should be good news for people borned under it. 
  • Moon ruled Nakshatra born - Mars was driving emotional actions. It will move out soon.
  • Sun ruled Nakshatra - Pluto is moving here and driving passion for you. 
  • Venus ruled Naksatra - Life is surprising you with Uranus. Oracus is there for deep learning or a guilt. 
  • Mars ruled Nakshatra - Saturn is here. Learn your lessons especialy Dhanishta
  • Jupiter ruled - Neptune is here. Be realistic in dreams now 
  • Saturn ruled - Jupiter is here. It is not good for you or netrual. 


Mars and Jupiter are changing nakshatra in 2-3 days and they will be better position. Focus is very high on Pluto and Mars now. It is time to put right action ahead. 

March 2 is big day as Venus and Jupiter are making conjunction in  end of Saturn ruled   Uttara Bhadrapada and start of Mercury ruled Revati

Same day Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction Mars ruled Dhanishta

Optmism or pessimism are at cross. It need critical thinking as well as deep love. 

Full moon of March 7 is in Venus ruled Poorva Phalguni. It is about emotional cleansing. 

  • Rahu in Ketu ruled Ashwini Nakshatrya
  • Uranus in Venus ruled Bharani
  • Pluto in Sun ruled Uttara Ashadha
  • Mars in moon ruled Rohini
  • Saturn is in Mars ruled Dhanishta
  • Neptune in Jupiter ruled Poorva Bhadrapada
  • Jupiter in Saturn ruled Uttara Bhadrapada 
  • Ketu is in Rahu ruled Swati