Virgo Horoscope - September 2020

Submitted by admin on Sun, 08/30/2020 - 23:51

September will start with a full moon in Pisces on September 2. It is in marriage and commitment.  This full moon will bring relationship matters at culmination. A pleasant surprise is possible as Uranus is making good vibes with this full moon. Lucky breakthrough is possible. Be close to your partner.  During this full moon Mars (action in partner’s income ),Venus (rest in social life) and Saturn (restriction in love life) are in t square. Rest and peace may be issue. But don’t lose sight from big goal.

If you were born near September 2,this full moon will impact you more.

It is unusual  time. Mars is moving in slow motion preparing for retrograde on September 9. Mars in retrograde till November 13 at 15 Degree Aries. Resolve your anger issues.  If you have been born between September 5 and September 20, focus on anger management. It is not right time to have fight with loan experts or banker.. 

September will change many things. 3 Big planets Jupiter (Sep 13), Saturn (Sep 29), and Pluto in early October. All will move ahead. Direction change is important. Mars will go in retrograde. Love or child issues may move ahead. They were stuck for time being. Adjusting with heart may be tough now. On September 29 , when Saturn will be stationery, Mars will square with it. You may crush with restrictions.

New moon of September 17 is about new intuitive in own life. This is beautiful new moon. It will start a new intuitive in self outlook zone. If you were born near September  17, this new moon is too good. Explore more opportunity in fixing personal issues. Practice peace or meditation.

On October 1, we have full moon in Aries. Aries is partner’s income for you. This full moon conjunct Chiron and about healing financial and emotional needs. Same full moon has Quincunx with Uranus know your peace well.

If you were born near September 1, this full moon will be affect you most.