Pisces 2018 Horoscope

Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

Pisces has Neptune (vision, dreams and creativity). Improve self and drive for better future. Neptune is so well positioned with Scorpioís Jupiter and Mars. It is a blessing. Travel hard to water bodies. Invest in oil, movies, and water related projects.

Neptune is happy with Jupiter and Pluto in 2018. On May 25/Aug 19, Jupiter and Neptune will trine. On 15-Jan/14 Apr, Pluto will be too good with luck (Jupiter). Your outlook will be too good. Post sea beach pics on social media. People will appreciate it. You are born to live this life in 2018.

Saturn is in your social house for two and half years. Capricorn has full house by hosting Saturn, Pluto (passion) and Mars (action) in 2018. This is the year you may see some delays. Live fully with friends. Friends will help in big way. A friend may need desperate help.

Jupiter is in Scorpio now. Additionally, in January 2018, from Jan 1 to Jan25, Mars will also be in same house. Connect with spiritual needs. Teachers will be guiding force. In-laws will be supportive now. Self-awareness to self-realization is a journey 2018 will do.

Now letís discuss another big transition. Uranus will move in Taurus on May 15. It is sibling and contract life. If you were born near February 22, this transition will be in Sibling chart. If you were born near March 20, this transit will test your earned income life. You may buy modern gadgets. Sibling may need you.

2018 have five eclipses. First eclipse is on January 31. Lunar eclipse is at LEO. This is best time to boost your work and health area. Improve stamina. Remove all weakness that is in physical body. Alternatively, you may leave a job for a better one. This full moon is good. So use it in building muscles and adding extra physical energy.

After fifteen days, solar eclipse of February 15 is in Aquarius. Sort out mental thoughts. Think deeply what the hurdles are and how to remove them. We build walls around us. And then think why I am not improving. Cut them.

March will provide breathing time. It is birthday time. Relax and enjoy.

April has Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. At the same time Jupiter and Pluto are in sync. It will be friends, parties, social events and fun. Enjoy, life donít give such opportunities daily. Mercury will be in retrograde, so be careful of information you are getting. On April 17 and 22, two big stars (Saturn and Pluto) will go in retrograde. These two dates are important in this journey. Think clearly and simple.

July and August are eclipse months. Three eclipses will fall, One after another. On July 12, we have a solar eclipse in Cancer sign. This is love and romance chart. It will give you opportunity to connect to heart. Heart matters always helps a Pisces. You feel it. New romantic relationships will emerge which will remain for you in next six months.

On July 27, we have lunar eclipse in boundaries house. This eclipse is making T square with Mars and Uranus. Check if sibling needs your help. Mind may be full of activities. Sudden change may create mental volcano. Lunar eclipse means culmination. A matter will close. Travel may be hectic. Drive slow. Manage your time and mental thoughts though meditation.

On August 11, we have solar eclipse in Leo sign. It is tough eclipse. It may be toughest time of 2018. Jupiter (luck in travel and in-laws), Neptune (vision in self outlook) and Pluto (change in social arena) are tough to this solar eclipse. If you were born near March 11, this eclipse is close. It may shattered your physical health and work life. You may lose job. Both July 27 and August 11 eclipses are tough. Be open to ideas. Donít rush life and proactively align life for these changes. Take care of physical and mental wellness.

On August 27, Mars will go direct. On September 6, Saturn will direct. This will be push time for mental peace and rest.

November 6 to November 15 will be time phase of transition. True node, Jupiter, and Mars will change houses. Such transition will help in change in focus. If life is unbearable in some area, it may be welcome change in end of 2018.

In summary, 2018 is good for travelling, in-laws , and teachers. Physical and mental health will come in January-February and July- August. Tough time patch between July 15 to August 15 with doctors and boss. Remain positive.

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