Pisces 2019 Horoscope

Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

Neptune is driving dreams for Pisces. Neptune water helps works well with Pisces behaviour. We need Neptune to have clarity in moral, ethics, vision or direction. Are you clear about the direction ? More than speed direction is important.

Jupiter is now moving in career house. It will heal all damage done by Saturn few years back. Push career in direction of vision.

Social life or friends would be key focus at this moment. You are most supportive sign of zodiac now. A friend may need help now. Huge focus is coming on child , love, or friend chart in 2019.

2018 Review

Job or health were key focus in 2018. Eclipses were forcing you for changes. Now eclipses are almost out of job chart. Health matters of self or someone close would be easy to handle in 2019. See how much damage has been done. If you have survived with stable job or health, it is your gain.

Jupiter has helped in building a strong travel or educational chart. You are now well learned and skilled. Use the education and learning in 2019 for better base.

Friends or social life would have been demanding on you. You need social links or friends at this point. They are either not there or you are not able to spend time with them.

2019 Summary

Outlook, self-perception or marriage: Neptune is about outlook or perception now. People born between March 7 and March 12 will be touched and played with by this transit. Protect your outlook from excessive drug or drinks. Either you are too desirable now for others or too rejectectable. Extreme condition is possible. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when career will come under pressure.

Get up and dress well. It is time to show the world your existence or presence.

Money, Finance, or assets or liability: Uranus is passing through last phase of Aries till March 6, 2019. Pisces borned near March 20, will see some changes in earning life. Uranus and North node square will make you free from a painful earning situation. A money situation will go away. It is creative venture that will make money for you.

Starting January 1 to February 14, Mars will also move in second house. Both Uranus and Mars in money chart area means freedom in some sense. Pisces will have to go all out to make money. Opportunity will come through technology.

Mars will move from October 4 to November 19 in partnerís income or sex chart. It will be time range to explore more money related opportunities. It will be time range to review your assets or liabilities.

Sibling, Travel, gyan, or skills: After March 6, Uranus will be doing transformation of this house of sibling affair. Uranus in this house means new mobile or skill with some eccentric touch. You will be spending more time with technology or check if sibling is giving some shocks. Transformation will start in skills and productivity.

Mars will enter in this house from February 14 to March 31. Both Mars and Uranus will help in breaking you in new territory to gain skills.

Home, domestic affair, career or mother: Pisces are the luckiest this year in 2019 for career. Finding influential people would be easy. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when Jupiter will square with Neptune. Near these dates, you may feel pressure of career. Otherwise build well on enhancement of social status reach. People will appreciate your dedication or commitment. Luck is coming your way.

Mars will be there starting March 31 to May 15. It will amplify this region for domestic life. If you have plan to rebuild home, this is right time to do so. Property matter will be your priority in given time range.,

Love, creativity, child or friends : This is main focus area of 2019. With eclipses, Saturn, and Pluto, this is most active area of this year. As i describe earlier, it is time to build social foundation. Build large social base. It will help in long run. Somehow you may not giving that much time to friends or social interactions. It may be because of career needs. Life is beyond career. Listen to your heart and spend time with people you love.

Issue is already there , just amplification will happen. So you know the issue clearly.

Both Saturn and Pluto will oppose North node. And it is more ruthless kind of world will evolve. Hope humanity too gets place in this new world.

Mars will also join this place in May 15 to July 1. People born with March 1 to March 15 will be tested more than other birthdays.

Job, health, or thoughts: Our consciousness is asset. We have to protect it by controlling our focus on issues that matters. Pisces have struggled in 2018 a lot. Job was running place for you. This is much peaceful place in 2019. Only active period is July 1 to August 18 when Mars will come in this area. One last lunar eclipse of January 21, 2019 is in Leo. So these are key dates to boost your job matters, if you were born near February 20. Or romantic matters, if you were born near March 20.

Eclipses are not driving it through force. You can take proactive decisions to manage job , health and thoughts.

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