Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope

Saturn is moving in Sagittarius. Global boundaries are increasing. People are following national interests. American dream is one example. They are reverting job flow for national interest. Protection first is global mindset.

Sagittarius never lives cautious life, but Saturn wants it now. Learn maturity. Respect values. Saturn will impact people born at end of Sagittarius spectrum in 2017 (Especially people born between 12 to 20 December).It is hard task master. Be cautiously optimistic. In end 2017, it will go out. Lucky Jupiter is in trine to it. So whatever the situation is friends will help you out. Remain social and connect with friends.

Jupiter is in social chart. He is your ruler. I suggest few dates to be cautious in social peace – 30th March, 17th May and 28th September. Jupiter will make tough aspects with big planets. It is better to be cautious near these dates. Big changes possible. A friend may need help or may be part of focus for you and family.

Now let’s discuss eclipses of 2017. Two eclipses are happening in ninth house – 11 Feb (Leo-Lunar) and 21 Aug (Leo- Solar). This is your travel or in-laws house. First lunar eclipse is culmination of travel or in-laws. A distant relation may see closure. Higher education or degree will see a closure. Legal matter may end. Or you may find a teacher which want you learn more. Engage self.

If you have any plan to go to foreign destination, this is the month or eclipse to do so. A in –laws may be critical to you or supportive to you. With Jupiter in eleventh house and eclipse in ninth house, you may see happy closure of long term issues.

Another eclipse is new beginning on 21st Aug. This is new beginning. This eclipse is new beginning in long term travel or in-laws. Plan a higher education course. Change the course of action. Explore world. Go out of the way to connect with teachers, gurus, travel agents, visa experts, universe explorer.

Solar eclipse of 26th Feb is about domestic matter (in Pisces). This eclipse is about domestic matters. You may change home. You may buy new property. Mother may shift too. Place of living may change , if you are exploring the world.

Lunar eclipse of 7th August is about sibling affair (in Aquarius). It is slight tough lunar eclipse. Impulsive, Hazy, and transformative. This is fixed sign. Increase productivity. Find way to support child education. Sibling or neighbours may be demanding or may need help. Take car of your car or mobile. See your efforts are matching the results. Be kind to all while in verbal chat.

People born within 3-12 December will see culmination in activities in 2017. People born with 18 to 28 will see new beginning.

Neptune will be in domestic matters (especially people born within 28 November– 7 December). Be clear in vision. Mother may need help. Take care of home place from water. Home may be challenging or dreamy in some way. It is there still it is far.

Pluto will transform your earned income areas for some Sagittarius (especially people born between 8 to 12 December) . It will be upside down or opposite. Earning may need efforts and employer may be demanding or passionate.

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