Scorpio 2017 Horoscope

2017 brings new hope. Plan things well. You may work on a confidential project or skill. Isolation will help you to crack career deadlock. Work hard and hidden friends will appear to help you. Jupiter is twelfth house. A hidden Santa will work with you to evolve a bigger dream. Keep vision high and unrealistic. You can be able to achieve it. You have skill or can acquire sill. Nothing can stop a mad Scorpio , if direction is clear.

I suggest few dates to be cautious in planning and mental peace – 30th March, 17th May and 28th September. Jupiter will make tough aspects with big planets. It is better to be cautious near these dates. Big changes possible. You may loose sleep.

Now let’s discuss eclipses of 2017. Two eclipses are happening in earned income – 11 Feb (Leo-Lunar) and 21 Aug (Leo- Solar). This is your social status. First lunar eclipse is culmination of social status. People will give you due credit. You deserve for hard work you were working. Scorpio is known for consistency. You can evolve from dead points. Appreciate hard work you have given to many things in your life.

Another eclipse is new beginning on 21st Aug. This is new beginning. This eclipse is all about new beginning of social status. Boss will appreciate your work. Your direction of career may change if needed. Eclipse hates stagnation. They break the complacency. Announce big social initiative near this eclipse.

Solar eclipse of 26th Feb is about love and creativity (in Pisces). This eclipse is about elder child. A love story may start near this eclipse. It will take next few months for feel deeper in love. Love is coming your way. Open your arms to grab it.

Lunar eclipse of 7th August is about domestic affairs (in Aquarius). It is slight tough lunar eclipse. Impulsive, Hazy, and transformative. This is fixed sign. Be flexible in attitude. A property matter may need resolution. Mother may need help. Build a strong base. Values drive behaviour and team work.

People born within 3-12 November will see culmination in activities in 2017. People born with 18 to 28 will see new beginning.

Neptune will be in love and creativity matters (especially people born within 28 October – 7 November). Be clear in vision. Romantic matters are close to your heart. But some are hazy now. They are there but you can’t connect with them.

Pluto will transform your sibling affairs areas for some Scorpio (especially people born between 8 to 12 November) . It will be upside down or opposite. A sibling may see challenges. Build skills to improve productivity.

Saturn will impact people born at end of Scorpio spectrum (Especially people born between 12 to 20 November).It is hard task master and it is moving in earned income. Invest your income in social cause. A new opportunity may come your way to improve earned income. Additionally, you may get additional responsibilities where you have to spend money.

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