Scorpio 2019 Horoscope
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Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

Jupiter is out of Scorpio. It has given you a new lease of life. You are more confident to face new decade. Use its energy to fullest.

2019 is good for earning. Build extra source of income. Realign your resources.

Pressure was there on time, skill, and productivity. Legal issues will keep you occupied. In-law or sibling will keep demanding more from you. Frequent travel is possible. Transactional pressure will be more. So keep a check sheet in early morning to tick tasks to be close in day.

2018 Review

Home is our base. We had Mars and eclipses in it. A new state of property and motherís intention is there. Live peacefully in new state of home and domestic affair.

Jupiter was in Scorpio. It has improved our confidence. Scorpio are in new state of confidence. In 2019, it will be new improved state of money.

Most hectic part of 2018 was sibling, neighbour, travel, or contract. Scorpio were busy in developing skills. Legal issues are common with Scorpio now. These issues will continue in 2019.

2019 Summary

Outlook, self-perception or marriage: Focus is high to make self fit and active. It is great time to keep improving on this focus.

After March 6, Uranus will be doing transformation of this house of marriage and partnership. Marriage partner would be eccentric, technical or demanding. Scorpio borned till October 28 will go through this re-engineering of partnership or commitment. Any commitment needs effort for you. Find new ways to get connected with your partner. Scorpio can be very cold sometimes. It is better to keep relationships warm and cordial with all. Synergy with others bring new results. People are tool for your achievement. By dumping them, you cannot achieve anything big.

Mars will enter in this house from February 14 to March 31. Both Mars and Uranus will help in breaking you in new territory to make relationship more durable and strong.

Money, Finance, or assets or liability: Scorpio are the luckiest this year in 2019 for financial affair. It is time to gear up for new earning source. New opportunity will emerge to multiply your money. Just ignore few dates. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when Jupiter will square with Neptune. Money will be in danger to go out. Mostly child will be point of outgo.

Mars will be there starting March 31 to May 15. It will amplify this region for further consolidation. Partnerís income will ask more money.

Sibling, Travel, gyan, or skills: This is main focus area of 2019. With eclipses, Saturn, and Pluto, this is most active area of this year. You will be travelling more than usual. It may be fun or work. Sibling rivalry or legal issues will keep you occupied. It will be time to enhance your educational needs. Write a book, blog, or stories. Sell come concept or go deeper in spirituality. That is all energies are saying. Living in foreign land or issues may some shocking outcome.

Issue is already there , just amplification will happen. It is suggested to have check sheet to improve productivity. It will bring consciousness back to important issues. Consciousness has skill to fly away from core issues. Learn multitasking and keep self fit to optimise time. Keep light bag to move on quick notice. Plan holiday in advance. People may have different priorities or intention to make your plan fail.

Both Saturn and Pluto will oppose North node. And it is more ruthless kind of world will evolve. You may sense that people are in hurry to get result. World will be struggling to have rational and emotional balance in 2019. Mind will say something and heart will do something.

Mars will also join this place in May 15 to July 1. People born with November 1 to November 15 will be tested more than other birthdays.

Home, domestic affair, career or mother: This is much peaceful place in 2019. Only active period is July 1 to August 18 when Mars will come in this area. One last lunar eclipse of January 21, 2019 is in Leo. So these are key dates to boost your career matters, if you were born near October 20. Or legal matters, if you were born near November 20. Otherwise, career may be stable place in 2018.

Love, creativity, child or friends: Neptune is about love and child now. People born between November 7 and November 12 will be touched and played with by this transit. Child is in love or your love may be very illusionary, dreamy or absent. Love is key for all of us. If child is there but bounded, it could be big pain for parents. Neptune can work in many way. Love is there, yet it I absent in some sense. Keep exploring heart matters, Neptune can give you ideal situation in some sense.

January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when job or travel may have conflict. You may have to spend money for child welfare.

Job, health or thoughts : Uranus is passing through last phase of Aries till March 6, 2019. Scorpio borned near November 20, will see some changes in their way of work. Health may need extra efforts. You may be working in some area that is new to you. Job will help you to grow in technical skills. New area would expand your horizon in new vertical.

Starting January 1 to February 14, Mars will also move in sixth house. Work life will be very demanding. Both Uranus and Mars in job area means freedom in some sense. Take risk and check new field to work.

Mars will move from October 4 to November 19 in outlook part. That will be time range to learn peace from new angle. Learn your fears and constraints.

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