Taurus 2019 Horoscope
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New year brings new hope. This time hope is in financial freedom. Jupiter is in eighth house of partnerís income. Loan, money, income, assets or liabilities all will be touched. Hard work will get its result. 2019 is year to review your financial needs. It is time to plug any financial security issue.

2019 is year for sibling, travel, contract, legal issues, or time management. Taurus, it is time to explore area of higher education, travel, or foreign trades. Frequent travels are possible. You may write a book or blog, or website. Distant relatives may play a big role in your life in 2019. Distance will be a point of big constraint. Travelling is not bad , if it is just once, regular travelling can be demanding to body.

Review 2018

Jupiter was kind to marriage and relations. You now have better standing in marriage partnerís understanding. Bond has reached to a different level. It was strengthening or healing time.

Another area of change was career and home. You have better hopes to enter in 2019. Eclipses are 18 months period for drastic changes. In 2018 these changes had given you new meaning of god father, boss, hand holding, or influential person. Home is also a new place , re-new space, or new property.

Sibling, Travel, legal matters, or in-laws were demanding. It was frequent travel. Paper work would have taken lot of excessive energy. 2019 will amplify these changes.

2019 Summary

Outlook and Marriage: Jupiter has just left house of marriage. Partnership issues must have reached to different level. You might be confident in dealing people with opposite views or equal powers. Bullying might have converted into a partnership. You might have learned negotiations better. After March 6, Uranus will be doing transformation of this house of your outlook. Taurus borned till April 28 will feel change in their outlook and perceptions. Uranus rules risks and transformation. If you are not happy with current overall situation, Uranus will provide opportunity to shake it up. Mars will enter in this house from February 14 to March 31. So you can work around these dates to boost self-confidence to next level. You will have both rebel planets in first house of risks and confidence. Go out to test your fears. It is time to break the habits.

Finance and money: Taurus are luckiest this year in 2019 for money. Jupiter is moving and strengthening your financial muscles. So, if you plan well, this year may give you big rewards. Just ignore few dates. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when Jupiter will square with Neptune. Remember, after one year, you will have different assets and liabilities. One year is enough time given to you to reconsider or redefine your financial structure. Plug any risk. Money may come in big lots and go out in lots too.

Mars will be there starting March 31 to May 15. It will amplify this region for further consolidation.

Sibling, travel, spirituality, and gyan: This is main focus area of 2019. With eclipses, Saturn, and Pluto, this is most active area of this year. Learning, learning, and learning is moto of 2019. You have to learn. Travelling may be key in this learning. Choose skills set you want to add, - singing, yoga, swimming, dancing, running, music, game, blogging, or public speaking. Mars will also join this place in May 15 to July 1. People born with May 1 to May 15 will be tested for their commitment for self-development. For some Taurus, travelling may be hectic. Time management may demand new thinking. Are you just busy or adding any value? You have to make time work for you. We all have time, but very few knows how to use it. It is developmental, spiritual or just going legal mess. Nothing can grow without efforts, yet, it is commitment which is needed to add value.

Both Saturn and Pluto will oppose North node. And it is more ruthless kind of world will evolve. You may sense that people are in hurry to get result. World will be struggling to have rational and emotional balance in 2019. Mind will say something and heart will do something. My submission is to you is to take frequent breaks otherwise habits may eat you.

Home, parents, Career or status: This is much peaceful place in 2019. Only active period is July 1 to August 18 when mars will come in this area. One last lunar eclipse of January 21, 2019 is in Leo. So these are key dates to boost your career needs. It is necessary that you think out of box and learn value delivery. It is possible that you may go around in consolidating career. It may not be that good time to boost it. Last 18 months were volatile in career. Now time has come to give it some space to relax.

Love , child, friends and hope: Neptune is passing through it but will be in narrow band in 2019. People born between May 7 and May 12 will be touched and played with by this transit. Love may fluctuation between reality and illusion. We may be daydreaming something which is not there. Love is pure and it is about the connection. Some Taurus may get reality check on regular basis. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when love may extract money out of you. It is quite possible that you need more money to marry your love or for child welfare.

Job, Health and Mental peace: Uranus is passing through last phase of Aries till March 6, 2019. Taurus borned near May 20, will see some changes in their mental peace. Check your mind. Is it running too fast or your consciousness is driving you in uncontrollable race. Starting January 1 to February 14, Mars will also move in first house. So till March 6, it is rat race in mind. You may have something behind the scene which is making you stressed. Meditation is the right tool to enhance your capability to relax. Observe self and focus on things which has values.

In job and health, Mars will move from October 4 to November 19. That will be time to fix any job related issues or health. If you are not happy with job, this will be the time to fix it.

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