VIRGO (Aug 23- Sep 22):: May 2018 Horoscope

Virgo has huge focus in child life and love. Romance is matter of heart. Let heart speak. Saturn (insecurity), Pluto (passion), and Mars (action) are there. Love is most precious feeling. We are here for love. No love story is simple. Twist and turns are possible. Some restrictions are possible.

After May 16, Mars will move out of love chart to health chart. Your health and peace are going in changes because of eclipses.

Meantime, New moon in Taurus is on May 15. New beginning is possible for travel and in-laws, and education. This house of travel and exploration will soon get boost by Uranus (Starting May 15). Next seven years will have intense educational exposure.

This new moon is opposite to Jupiter. Some big opposition may come from time constraints. Jupiter and Neptune are in good sync. Pluto is supporting this new moon too. A new beginning is possible in long run. Plan a holiday.

If you were born near September 15 , +/- 5 days, this new moon is close.

Full moon is due in Sagittarius on May 29. This full moon is in domestic chart. This is emotional point. Home will be key centre. Mother may need help. Home may need extra security.

If you were born near August 29, +/- 5 days, this full moon is close. Review domestic needs and get it clean.

Jupiter is in retrograde in sibling chart. A sibling may need your help.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn and Pluto are moving in childís welfare, love, and care. Belief in love will grow. Elder child should grow and expand your prestige in social arena. Neptune is in partnerís house. Marriage or partnership may add to confusion. You may not be sure which way it is going. Or may be very well sure about its direction. Neptune rules direction and vision. It behaves distinctly different in different cases.

Uranus is in bankerís loan or financial house (till May 2018). Partnerís income may change dramatically with time. Financial house need realignment and readjustment. Some Virgo may move towards spirituality, which is another end of financial extreme. Independence will be a key.

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