VIRGO (Aug 23- Sep 22):: May 2019 Horoscope

North node is passing through Cancer. It is driving hunger and passion in your social life and friends. Love life may need a new push. It is opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. I am little worried about people born near September 10-12. Energy is so much focused in love and child. Love is key part of our heart. We need to listen it. Don't ignore its voice. Do something that you love. It will heal you more.

Mars is moving in Gemini. It is opposing to Jupiter in early part of May. So social status may hit you if you were born near September 16. Mother may need help. Second half of May is better planned. It will bring new energy in social life. Go out of home and meet people.

New moon of May 4 is in Taurus. It is time to travel and link with in-laws. Spiritual journey will help. If you are planning for higher education, make it now. A foreign travel plan is possible now. Understand culture of other state. Travelling heals.

If you were born near September 4, this new moon will help in big way.

Full moon is due on May 19 in Scorpio. It is against Mercury. Communication will be the key. It is time to finalize something close. Drive slowly. If you were born near August 22, this full moon is about domestic matters. A property matter may get closed. If you were born near September 22, this full moon is about travel and sibling. Plan a holiday at near by place.

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