VIRGO (Aug 23- Sep 22):: July 2019 Horoscope

Virgo has neptune in seventh house and Jupiter in fourth house. Both are in square till 21st September. If you were born near 8th September , this transition may be a little bothersome for you. Domestic conditions may want you to review your partnership needs.

Eclipses may keep your mind away from core issues to fix love and child issues. This is time to fix heart. Listen to what your heart wants. Don't ignore it. Life is short and you can't run on mind. Virgo are harsh on self. They want to deliver more. Let heart speak.

First eclipse is due on July 2. It is in friends life and social life. Expand your social life to a new level. People will come and appreciate you. If you were born near September 2, this eclipse is closer to you. Expand your social world to unlock value. Let people see the true value of you. A friend may need help. So go out and spread good words.

Second eclipse of July 17 is tight one. It is lunar eclipse and full of aspects. Pluto and Saturn are nearby in Capricorn. Sun and Venus are opposite. Neptune is supporting this eclipse. So it is heavy on responsibility. Lack of sleep or food possible. If you were born near September 17, this eclipse will be direct to you. It is in love and child matters .It is about how much you love something. Some people could go all out for love and some can;t. Love is deep emotion. We feel hurt seeing someone close in mess. This eclipse is all about it.

Meantime, Mars will be in Leo from July 7 to August 1. It will be time to plug leakage of thoughts. So many thoughts and direction may be good too. You may get some great ideas. . Mercury will go retrograde from July 7 to July 31. It will be time to reduce communication mess. Recheck information. Delay in train timing or meeting possible. Don't rush.

Let's discuss long term aspects for Virgo. Jupiter is moving in domestic matters till year end. Property situation should improve. Saturn and Pluto are in love and child . It is draining your thoughts and sleep. Neptune is in Pisces which is good for marriage. Uranus is in moving in Taurus so erratic in-laws or spiritual life

Ceres- 0-1 deg sagittarius - Home

Lilith - 6-9 deg Pisces.. - Marriage

Chiron - 5 deg - Aries - Loan , Money

Eris - 24 deg Aries - Loan, Money

Sedna - 27 deg Taurus - Travel , IN laws

Juno -18 Deg Leo -Peace

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