VIRGO (Aug 23- Sep 22):: November 2018 Horoscope

November is very transformative month. Many direction changes happening along with Mars (on November 15) and Jupiter (On November 8) are changing signs. Jupiter is going out of sibling chart. It will support now your domestic situation. It will improve now. Next one year is good to add new property. Mars will help in marriage related issues.

New moon of Scorpio on November 7 is too good for sibling matters. It will be new beginning. Sibling will help in big way. He/she will send a surprise party for you. It is great support. People will appreciate your skill sets.

If you were born near September 7, this new moon is great.

Venus will go direct on Nov 16 and Mercury will go retrograde on same day. Take care of rest, communication, food, love, and care. During directional change, planet gets more intense. Observe intensely. React less.

Full moon of November is tough at zero degree Gemini. On November 23, it will be opposite to Jupiter (luck in domestic situation) and Mars (Impulsive action in marriage partner). Lucky part is support from North node. So take it as productive culmination of career issues. Be calm and dont be reactive to any news. Boss will be little demanding.

If you were born near August 23, this will be career issues. If you were born near September 23, this will be travel or in-laws. Education will be demanding. Teacher will vocal about about your behaviours.

November end has two good days.. Nov 26 and Nov 27, if you were born near August 27.

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Long Term Aspects

Saturn and Pluto are moving in child’s welfare, love, and care. Belief in love will grow. Elder child should grow and expand your prestige in social arena. Neptune is in partner’s house. Marriage or partnership may add to confusion. You may not be sure which way it is going. Or may be very well sure about its direction. Neptune rules direction and vision. It behaves distinctly different in different cases.

Uranus is in banker’s loan or financial house (till May 2018). Partner’s income may change dramatically with time. Financial house need realignment and readjustment. Some Virgo may move towards spirituality, which is another end of financial extreme. Independence will be a key.

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