VIRGO (Aug 23- Sep 22):: November 2016 Horoscope

November will start with new moon in Scorpio. Sibling will be key. You may need faster way of communication. Buy new car or mobile. Manage your time well. Buy productivity tools, if they are hurting your time management.

Mars has been moving in Capricorn till November 8. Observe elder child. He may need help. Love needs time. Have fun too, if you are too busy. Take time out. Call romantic partner and spend time with him. Another way is to connect with children. After November 8, you will have hectic schedule. Meantime, on November 10, Saturn and Pluto are tough. Domestic matters need help. Power struggle with elder child possible.

On November 14, full moon is happening in Taurus. Travel or in-laws will reach at culmination. Education is important. This full moon will highlight weakness or strength in educational needs. Uranus is tough on it. Unexpected events may surprise you. Keep financial buffer ready for any urgent need. Explore the world , if nothing happens near the date.

On November 24, Jupiter and Pluto are tough. Take care of sibling and work life. Productivity may be concern. Power struggle is possible. Both Jupiter and Saturn are tough on Pluto. Work and health would need a different thinking. If you want success in life, you should know how to manage time.

Month will end with new moon in Sagittarius. New moon of November 29 is in hazy mood. It is hard on Neptune. This is domestic affair. Secure your home. Invest slowly in property matters. Loan or expenses would be high. Invest in less risky assets. Bankers may be tough.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving in financial house. It is time to consolidate financial wisdom. Next one year is too good for financial fitness and luck. Lord of luck is visiting you after 12 years. He wonít disappoint you. Keep your dreams open.

Saturn has been moving in Sagittarius. Do take care of your mother. Get her health checkup done. Donít take risky property. Home may be difficult place now because of complexities of relationships. Saturn at bottom of chart may be time to slow down your speed and evaluate your priorities.

Pluto is moving in childís welfare, love, and care. Belief in love will grow. Elder child should grow and expand your prestige in social arena. Neptune is in partnerís house. Marriage or partnership may add to confusion. You may not be sure which way it is going. Or may be very well sure about its direction. Neptune rules direction and vision. It behaves distinctly different in different cases.

Uranus is in bankerís loan or financial house. Partnerís income may change dramatically with time. Financial house need realignment and readjustment. Some Virgo may move towards spirituality, which is another end of financial extreme. Independence will be a key.

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