Virgo 2017 Horoscope

Jupiter has just gone out of your sign. You may have got some blessing in some form. See around you and you may find some bright spot. Jupiter never goes without giving. Now it is in earned income house. It will strengthen your earning. Financial freedom is needed to explore more in world. You will embrace it now. New income source may emerge. Try where all you can add income. Start a tuition class, look for new job or look for new business opportunity. 2017 is year to explore financial expansion.

I suggest few dates to be cautious in earned income– 30th March, 17th May and 28th September. Jupiter will make tough aspects with big planets. It is better to be cautious near these dates. Keep buffer finance with you near that date. You may need financial expert.

Mars energy will be high within 5 September and 22 October. It will be great time to explore productivity.. It is your birthday time too. Plan your big decision that time.

Now let’s discuss eclipses of 2017. Two eclipses are happening in earned income – 11 Feb (Leo-Lunar) and 21 Aug (Leo- Solar). This is your psychological area. It is year to explore mental peace. This is most difficult thing. Even if storm is strong, you need to learn how to embrace peace. Many things may go on in your mind. It is better to discuss with close friend or psychological guru. Break mental barriers. GO out of comfort zone and peaceful places.

Another eclipse is new beginning on 21st Aug. This is new beginning. Plan how you want to see yourself. This eclipse will be best for meditation. Isolation and planning are key words.

Solar eclipse of 26th Feb is about marriage and relations (in Pisces). This is time to reassess your partnership needs. No one can achieve big alone. We need to build partnership. With Node, Neptune, and Chiron in seventh house, many things are going on in your mind. Build on business idea slowly. If single, this is interesting time to find prospective partner.

Lunar eclipse of 7th August is about work and health (in Aquarius). It is slight tough lunar eclipse. Impulsive, Hazy, and transformative. This is fixed sign. Be flexible in attitude. Physical health will come in focus. Your stamina to earn money and respect will be tested. Better to prepare from start of the year 2017. Keep fitness in arena in new year resolution.

People born within 3-12 September will see culmination in activities in 2017. People born with 18 to 28 will see new beginning.

Neptune will be in marriage and partnership matters (especially people born within 28 August – 7 September) . Be clear in vision. See if someone is not backstabbing you. Some partnership will see true commitment. Neptune works this way only.

Pluto will transform your love and creativity areas for some Virgo (especially people born between 8 to 12 September) . It will be upside down or opposite. Love life is important. Be optimistic.

Saturn will impact people born at end of Virgo spectrum (Especially people born between 12 to 20 September).It is hard task master and it is moving in domestic affair. Save your home from safety issues. Strong value foundation is needed to save any house or team. Mother may need your help.

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