New MOon -Aries -October 19

New moon is in Libra on October 19. In India, it is festival of dipavali. It represents light and optimism. Libra is a sign ruled by Venus. New Moon conjunct Jupiter brings eternal optimism, is irrepressible and can be quite the emotional roller-coaster.

New moon also conjunct Mercury. Moon/Mercury is a shape-shifting combo. Rapid mood swings and a whimsical thought processes will prevail.

Toughest aspect with new moon is opposition with Uranus. Erratic and unexpected behaviour of someone may unstabilize you. Uranus rules fire, bullet, public anger etc.

This is a New Moon of contradictions. This new moon may be philosophical in learning and erratic in behaviour.

If you were born near 19th of any month, you will find it impactful in life.

Aries - Marriage and relation

Taurus - Job and health

Gemini - Love and child

Cancer - Domestic efforts, mother

Leo - Sibling and contract

Virgo - Earned income

Libra- Outlook and perception

Scorpio - Mental peace and hidden Truth

Sagittarius - Social life and friends

Capricorn - Social status and career

Aquarius - Travel and in laws

Pisces - Partnerís income and loan.

Mercury is very prominent near this full moon. Signatures near this full moon and meaning

Moon conjunct Mercury - hectic Communication

Sun , Moon < jupiter conjunction - Big news

Moon oppostion Uranus - Big unexpected turn

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