Full Moon -Virgo- March 1, 2018

Full moon of march 1 is in Virgo. Clean up job need focus. This full moon is opposite Neptune. Dreams and reality may go in opposite directions. You can draw on extra self-discipline, patience and determination to break bad habits and improve your life.Detox your body, mind and soul. Any drug habit may show messy outcome. You are vulnerable for scam. Stay away from bacteria, virus, mosquitos.

Aries - Health and work

Taurus - Love and creativity

Gemini - Home and health

Cancer - Sibling and contract

Leo - Earned income

Virgo - Outlook , perception

Libra - Mental peace

Scorpio - Social life and friends

Sagittarius - Career and social status

Capricorn - Travel and in-laws

Aquarius - Partnerís income and loan

Pisces - Marriage and relations

If you were born near 1st of any month, this full moon will bring emotions at culination. Be clear and honest. Stick to your values.

Full moon is positive with Saturn. It will be good for long term.

First 15 days of march are too good. Jupiter will be cosy with Pluto, Venus, and Neptune. p> Signatures near this full moon and meaning

Moon Oppose Neptune- Deception, Drug, insect, water

Moon support from Saturn - Long term good impact

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