Solar eclipse - Cancer - July 2 , 2019

Eclipse season is here. We are in the middle of intense changes. It happens every six months. Lunar and solar eclipses come and they deliver results of your hard work, passion and negligence. We humans think life is good and bad. It has various colours, we need to see them. Life is spectrum. Enjoy all emotions.

Eclipse is in sextile with Uranus in Taurus which is a good sign. It is in Cancer 10 Degree. Opposite Saturn may give some conditional restrictions. Solar eclipses are known for male deaths. It is possible that you hear more death news than normal.

Sun is well placed to Neptune. Neptune is stationary in the sky. Observe closely to people born near 2nd of any month. News will flow from them. Energy will trigger in these areas in next SIX Months. So be ready for the next six months for these areas.

Aries - Home and domestic affair

Taurus - Sibling and contract

Gemini - Earned income

Cancer - Outlook and perception

Leo - Mental peace

Virgo - Social links and friends

Libra - Social status and career

Scorpio - Travel and legal matters

Sagittarius - Partner's income and loan

Capricorn - Marriage and relationships

Aquarius - Job and health

Pisces- Love and creativity

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