Love Triangles

Submitted by admin on Sun, 03/18/2018 - 08:26

Hindi cinema loves love-triangle. Love is complex. It becomes more so, if it is in a triangle. By triangular love story, I mean, one person is being seduce by two lovers at a time. Common sense says that way he /she/object will get two times love/gifts/ or benefits. But effect is opposite. He/she becomes biggest loser in end. Let's take some example.

Common family situation is when a husband gets in between mother and wife. Both loves him. As soon as he comes closer to one, another attracts him. In end, both mother and wife make him football.

In politics, two opposite political parties seduce the voters. They cry on TV channels, give offer or give false promises. In end, politician makes money and voters is a loser.

Lets understand in science term. Nature also works in same way. Two MATTERS love SPACE equally. If you drop a apple on earth, both apple and earth will seduce space equally.. And in end, space removes itself from the way. Apple strikes hard on earth. Newton defined it as gravity.

Parents push child in different directions to get maximum out of child. In end, possessive parents lose a productive and creative child.

Let’s think in terms of Hindu mythology. Both Ram and Ravan came in Sita’s marriage (swamver). Ram won it. But in end, sita lost. Ram and Ravan end up in fighting battle.

Have you ever worked with two bosses ? Satisfying two egos at a time may be a risky combo in end. Both boss doubts the poor employee.

Similarly, management struggle with time and focus. Too many priorities want their focus. In end, sometimes time get lost in aligning unimportant goals or crisis management.

Life is much simpler, if we love one person at a time. Life is more productive , if we complete one task at a time. Multitasking is like a triangular love story.

Remember, next commodity will be focus and love. Both are subjective to noise.