Less is More

Submitted by admin on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:46

My mother is 73 yrs. old. We recently planned to renovate our old home. No one had lived in that home for 20 yrs. It was empty. She lived in it for 25 yrs. She had boxes .. Really old one. She resisted to discard them, distribute them or destroy them. We love to accumulate stuffs, even if we don’t use them.

Science of happiness is changing. Earlier it was like

Work Hard >> Earn More >> Buy more Stuff>>> Enjoy

New generation is like live in present and enjoy stuff.

People move unwanted stuff from apartment to apartment. Indians move with big bags. Travel is a project for them. They love every tiny important thing they accumulate. We need three-four times more space now per individual. Personal storage industry is growing. We have become good shopper. We are using earth as a dust bin. In other side effect, we are getting in credit card debt or depression.

Joy of less is high now. What is the solution?

Edit ruthlessly: Edit space, stuff, cloths, cares, gadgets, papers, or luxuries. Smaller space, smaller utilities, and just the necessary things. If you have not used a thing in past three years, it is very less likely that you will need it in future. Get rid of it. We have to get clear of artery of life. Let the life flow.

Lean : Buy stuff , you will use for years. Use high quality stuff and take care of them. If you can’t take care of very big house or large space. Use space and things cautiously. Why have a six burner stove?, If need is of one only. If you don’t need so many, don’t buy. Travel with light bag.

Love freedom, love less stuff. Edit them. Be a minimalist. Feel free and light. This is new mantra.