Which is your team stage. ??

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No single human can achieve big. We need teams with people of different ideas and skills.

Teams are key of success. A well defined coherent team can achieve big goals. Any organization , big or small, needs  small teams with similar objectives. These teams must be aligned to organization’s bigger role.

Organization should check health of its teams. Rotten teams are full of politics, laziness, excuses, and escalations. Management sits for review regularly and ends up in political leg pulling of co-workers.

Ideal team goes through these four stages.

Stage 1- Icebreaking : New members introduce themselves. They understand each other’s strength. It is most beautiful part of team building. People are mostly shy and skeptical about each other. It is like a date before marriage. You want to read each other for long term commitment.

Stage 2. Sharing : It is like marriage. We force people of different culture , mind, perception, behaviour to live together. People share information , notes, mails, and patents.

Stage 3. Co-creation : This is stage when team together creates some product. It is like child after marriage. They own its growth. Team defend its product in front of society or customer.

Stage 4. Synergy : It is ultimate stage. In Synergy, we talk same language. We are coherent. We face external resistance together. It is hard to achieve in large organization. People of different prospective, skills, and background struggle for their own identity. Maintaining synergy in large organizations/teams always a challenge. It is only possible when clarity of vision is there and leadership is strong.

Strong leaders create strong teams. What is stage of your team, relations, or organization ?